Since March we’ve had our gym membership paused, and as of September, we cancelled it all together. So what have we been doing for workouts?

Meet our newest addition:

A Bowflex Velocore Bike

She’s badass! Back before covid I would go to the gym 3, usually 4 times a week but when it was no longer safe I started doing things around the house. For months I did POPSUGAR Fitness videos on YouTube, Ryan Heffington’s SweatFest on IG Live (they are also saved so you can watch reruns), bike rides on a road bike and a lot of dancing around the house and stretching, lots of stretching.

That was fine and pretty fun tbh, the gym can get repetitive, but my main source of cardio, on the bike, was dangerous. The roads around our neighborhood are pretty industrial for one thing but also in terrible conditions with areas of heavy liter (dodged some of the grossest stuff I don’t care to mention!) Really I was hoping covid risks lessoned and we would be able to comfortably go to the gym but when we realized it’d be a long while, I started seriously considering investing in a stationary bike. When you think of at-home stationary bikes your mind probably goes to Peloton, which we really considered but once Dustin did some research, we liked the swaying feature of the Bowflex best. If unlocked you can drift from side to side getting a better core workout, and I can confidently say this because it’s a FACT.

So far I’ve done the assessment ride, a nice cruise through Amsterdam listening to EDM, 2 rides with instructors and a bunch of manual rides. We’re currently using a trial of the classes + apps and when that runs out, we’ll consider subscribing. As of now, I’m loving the coaches because I’ve noticed if I just watch something on Netflix or just listen to music, I don’t ride as hard. But we’ll see if I get tired of them ;)

Curious how you’ve transitioned your workouts around the pandemic?

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