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A new found love of mine and staple is actually a classic, the chain necklace.

Classics always make a come back and I’m so here for this one! I’ve been layering with my other staple, the coin necklace from a few posts ago. This particular piece is by Young Frankk and so sturdy and gorgeous! There are lots of other brands with their own take on the design, these are some of the best I’ve seen.

AuRate’s delicate version is *chefs kiss* see for yourself here

This Missoma take is very unique, two different styles in one.

Here’s a link to the Young Frankk piece I have and can’t brag on it enough.

Into the layered look but don’t want to figure out what goes together, Gorjana has it figured out with this set.

And lastly, if you’re into shopping more handmade selections, Etsy is always a fantastic resource!


The first time we went to Paris, I did little to actually NO shopping. Mostly due to fitting in all the touristy things, so this second time I made sure to put into our schedule to hit up a list of French brands I wanted to check out, Sezane being at the top of that list. We went to the larger location, Le Grand Appartement Sezane, and it did not disappoint! Everything from the merchandising, decor, fitting rooms, sweater wall, EVERYTHING was just so elegant and FRENCH. I could have stayed in there for hours, probably did come close to at least two… Of all the trying on, I settled on a blouse and vintage belt.

The blouse is a dreamy silk with all the astrology signs with fun graphics. HERE SHE IS –

*keep scrolling for a sale alert at the end!*

Been hoarding it for ‘the right time’ and as it turns out, a sunny Sunday at the start of my bday month, was it!

Blouse | Sezane, Skirt | Jcrew, Purse | A.P.C., Boots | Oak + Fort

Since it’s silk, tying the bottom in a knot worked so well, it drapes perfectly.

To switch things up, I tried the top with a shorter skirt, and black accessories.

Skirt | Free People, Boots | & Other Stories, Purse | Kate Spade

Into both! But I felt most comfortable in the long skirt. This vegan leather mini rides up when I walk and doesn’t cover much when I sit.

First and most certainly not the last time I’ll be wearing this top! I want to pair her with high waisted khakis like the ones I tried it on with at Sezane. They were belted and perfect. Kicking myself for not getting, don’t you hate that!

Speaking of shopping, who else is in the MOOD?! Spring is slowly creeping which always puts me in the out with the old, in with the new. Lots of good sales out there but the one I’m stalking is Shopbop’s SPRING EVENT, happening now through 3/9. Peep the details HERE. The discount ranges from 15-25% off of full priced items. My virtual shopping bag is full!


A trend I’m all about these days is all things SQUARE- square toe boots, square neck lines, square patterns.

It’s something I noticed when I began to think (and shoot) new pieces I’ve added to my wardrobe.

Here are two outfits I’m especially excited to share:

Look # 1 To me, this outfit is both on trend and classic. The boots are a throw back to styles of the 60s and Levis, well, CLASSIC.

top/ boutique in Amsterdam (sorry, no CLUE of the name) necklace/ Young Frank purse/ Elizabeth and James jeans/ Levis boots/ & Other Stories

The Levis are from their newer line, the ‘ribcage’. I have the worlds longest torso so for me, they are just higher than a typical high waist, but I do like how they make my bum look ;)

Look # 2 includes some of my current favorites! This Mara Hoffman blazer from Rent the Runway has been my daily GO TO. So much so, that as of Monday, I’ve extended the rental period to hold onto her a little longer. It’s lined with a thick fabric and has shoulder pads (!!!) so it’s surprisingly warm.

The belt is new. Picked it up at the Sezane shop in Paris. Didn’t know this but in-store they have a vintage section! It was too long so Dustin took out a portion of it which I’d like to turn into a bracelet.

Speaking of vintage (which I admittedly don’t seek or buy as often as I’d like these days) the purse is also! Spotted her on The Real Real for $65 and hit “buy now” before I even knew what was happening! Back in junior high I would have sold plasma for a Kate Spade purse. Consider this me fulfilling 12 year old Jess’ dream!

blazer/ Mara Hoffman (rented) top/ Anthropologie, belt/ vintage via Sezane, jeans/ Everlane straight, boots/ & Other Stories, purse/ Kate Spade via The Real Real, necklace/ Young Frank, lipstick and ring/ & Other Stories

Lastly, the lipstick I picked up in the & Other Stories store in Paris. I nabbed this nude and another nudish plum color. Both are in this gorgeous gold magnetic case that feels so classy.

I like that my style can’t be put in a box, or dare I say “square”!! I’m always evolving, wear what I like and what feels good in that moment.

Live YOUR truth.


Ever thought about med spa or plastic surgery services? I’ve done a little bit of both and have stories to tell, honey!! This post will cover my recent visit to Killingsworth Center for Plastic Surgery.

[Backstory] In March I shared on Instagram that I was trying Botox and filler for the first time at a practice that shall remain unnamed. What I didn’t go into detail about was that my filler bubbled under my right eye resulting in two separate visits to have it dissolved. On the second visit I added more Botox to my forehead and the doctor haphazardly injected me while I wasn’t even ready! Overall I didn’t care for the doctor or staff and was about ready to call it quits.

Then the Killingsworth’s office and I found each other and I discovered what quality med spa services look like!

Full disclosure, the first visit was a social media trade, but all opinions are my true, honest thoughts and I now call Lauren my new injector (and friend!). And if that’s not convincing enough, I’ve sent my mom there to get her first ever Botox, and I don’t trust just any one with my mama!

Before you scroll to see the before and after photos, I wanted to note that all images are UNEDITED. I would have liked to correct the splotchy bronzer in my ‘after’ pics, but I didn’t want to alter anything about the photos.

Now that the above is out of the way, lets get into my best, med spa visit to date!

After my check in, we got right to capturing the ‘before’ photos.

During any med spa visit you should expect to have your ‘before’ photos taken. This is for both you and the practice to have proof as to how you came in.

After my glamour shots, I sat down with Lauren to discuss why I had come in. Right off the bat, she was so easy to talk to! I took her through my journey with previous filler and Botox and together formed a game plan to address the early signs of aging.

My concerns: I wanted to address and fight signs of aging on my forehead, side of eyes, around upper lip as well as deflation in lips.

Game plan: Botox injection points in forehead, between brows, sides of eyes at top of cheek, and top of lip at Cupids Bow. Light lip filler in top and bottom lip.

The result: Smooth forehead, even when expressive, less wrinkling under eyes when smiling and more upper lip exposure. Botox will take around 2 weeks to settle in and then you’ll start to notice the muscles not moving as much. The first time things “relax” after botox, it is sorta weird! But you get used to it so fast and it’s the new normal. I don’t feel frozen or expressionless, trust me!

Botox pain level– On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst, I’d say depending on the placement, Botox (for me) is usually around a 5/6. Forehead is the easiest for sure.

On to the lips!

To be honest, I was afraid of the lip injection pain. I remembered my GF getting it done years ago and seeing the bruising and thinking “damn, that seems brutal!” Which I expressed to Lauren and she made sure to take into account my nerves and provided me with a few distractions in addition to the numbing cream, like the above vibrating face massager. I liked that she didn’t sugarcoat that it was going to be comfortable but went above and beyond to make sure I was doing ok. After the injections were complete and I iced for 30 min, there really wasn’t lip pain at all! They just felt swollen. I even had friends over that same night, and hadn’t told them about the injections, then pulled a “I think I’m allergic to peanuts” prank and had them both worried for a second!

Juvéderm lip filler pain level- same scale as above, I’d say this is a 7. Not a walk in the park, but with the right injector, it’s a quick 7 that you’ll forget all about when you’re applying lipstick to your new voluminous lips.


For a more natural look, we went with half a syringe. Fast forward to a few weeks later and they feel like my same lips as before, but fuller. My favorite part of the outcome is that you can see my upper lip more when I wear lipstick. That’s both from the filler and the bit of Botox she did along the “Cupids Bow” aka lip flip.

Of everything I’ve gotten up to this point, I’d definitely say Botox is my favorite method of fighting signs of aging. It’s easy, lasts and makes a difference with my hyperpigmentation as well.

Thanks again to Lauren and team for opening my eyes to what a quality experience can look like!

For more information on Lauren, Dr. Killingsworth’s services and where to find them, click here.


There are few days you’ll find me without my favorite staple gold necklace. To me, it’s the finishing touch to any outfit, dressy or casual.

My favorite sites to shop from for quality jewelry include:

AUrate – Iconic designs, purest gold, honest pricing

Cleopatra’s Bling – handmade jewellery for bohemian, wanderlust and worldly woman created by Olivia Cummings in her studio in Istanbul

Mejuri – Handcrafted fine jewelry for the everyday

All of whom have sales going on till Monday!

The one I’m wearing here is extra special as the chain was a surprise on Christmas morning from Dustin who had gotten a hint or two and the charm from our recent trip to Amalfi, Italy.

I prefer to support smaller brands like the above mentioned and wearing pieces that have stories tied to them. Quality is also at the top of my list of musts, since I wear my jewelry daily through showering and working out, it’s got to last. One day, I hope to pass on my beloved pieces to my nieces so investing in long lasting items is important to me.