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I love that social media has led me to discover brands I may have not stumbled upon since I don’t do a lot of IRL shopping. AUrate is one of those I’ve been fortunate to find-fine jewelry with no concessions-yes please!  I’ve partnered with them to make an introduction to my favorite people-thats YOU-or if you’re already in the loop, remind you of the existence of this topnotch line.

You shouldn’t have to choose between high quality, fair pricing and doing good. So we focused on what matters: durable materials, transparent pricing, sustainable production, and tangible giving. Here’s to one less concession you have to make.

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Didn’t forget I went to Havana, Cuba…

Had these photos in my cue for what seems like ages and while I want to write a huge long post about how amazing the vibrant city is, I’m going to keep the blabbing short and sweet but rather prove it with a ton of photos~

Follow me through the streets of Havana!

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If you’re not from the South, than you may not know of Athens, GA. The small college town has a lot more to offer than a huge university and frat dogs. There’s actually a really rad art scene and lots of movers and shakers. Tons of bands you listen to are from there as well like R.E.M to name a huge one, B52s, Drive By Truckers and Widespread Panic + a boat load more!

After buying tickets to see Wolf Alice at the Georgia Theater, I reached out to friends for recommendations on what to see and do while there. Alyssa of Arrowhawk Records, gave me some really great shopping spots to check out like Community, Atomic Vintage, Wuxtry Records and Indie South. She also included a whole list of restaurants, imbibes etc but is working on a comprehensive list for a blog post so I’ll let her release all that goodness ;)

We didn’t have a crazy amount of time before wanting to grab dinner and heading to the show but we managed to fit in Indie South, Atomic and American Threads. Then went into World Famous bar, Little Kings and Sea Bear for dinner. Quite the day! The best spot for everything I love in life was definitely Indie South. Sarah, the owner, knows how to curate. Just look for yourself at all the goodness!

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Been blowing up my IG with photos of Costa Rica times so I thought I’d do something a little different recapping our trip on here.

While we explored Jaco, I mostly lived in a swimsuit and coverup but did get dressed up once and got showered up a few times. See below for my favorite pieces I had on the trip and all the way at the bottom is the quickest recap I’ve ever done~!



 DRESS / MULES (in black, brown is sold out)

DRESS / BAG (in lighter color, saddle sold out)

SUIT / (in black, green is sold out)

Couldn’t track this down to link but, I’m eyeing this ROMPER and THIS ONE in both red and mustard-gimme all the romps!


Quickest trip recap I’ve ever done….and go….

We spent 6 days in Jaco, Costa Rica with Dustin’s family-there were 11 of us total! It was a super packed out week with a detailed itinerary keeping all of us on track for the activities we signed up for ahead of time. Organized by his awesome mom who made sure everyone had plans they could afford and were going to enjoy mixed with family activities (ie future Christmas card photos) and overall a trip of a lifetime.

On the way to our villa we saw dozen’s of crocidiles from a bridge-super spooky! That same day Dustin surfed-not near the crocs! He totally crushed it. I knew he would with his snowboarding skills.  The following day was Easter Sunday church followed by a sunset cruise.  Monday the guys and I went deep sea fishing- but sadly didn’t catch a dang thing! Next was zip lining through the jungle (I totally went upside down because they told me everyone did it before me, false! whatever-YOLO!), riding ATVs to a waterfall with his folks, cruising out to Tortuga Island where we snorkeled, hiked around and road a banana float that slung us off and visiting a monkey preserve and private beach. Aren’t you a little bit tired just reading that!? For the most part we cooked and ate in but one night got out for a fancy meal to celebrate a few of our birthdays.  We woke up early and went to bed early. The wildlife was WILD. We had two huge red parrots living outside our room, the ground was littered with crabs, frogs, iguanas-you name it! We saw sloths, fed monkeys, harassed crabs and the last night was frightened to see a 6f’ croc on the beach near our house! The vegetation was also out of this world. I could go on for days about the plants like the giant monsteras and species of palms I could never have imagined.  We only got a small taste of the Costa Rica and are set to go back and explore the Caribbean side.

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This lady right here can not get enough of all things one-piece!

Jumpers, overalls, rompers, two piece sets- gimme gimme!

Was on the search for the perfect vintage pair when I found these Levi’s on Etsy.  After some alterations, dream compete! Continue Reading