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When you hear “20 million daffodils” you gas up the car and go!

And that we did, a few weekends back. While Dustin is a skeptic to believe there was actually 20 million, I’m terrible at math and am a believer, I mean, they just went on and on and on- as far as the eyes could see. With all the trees still in dormancy, the flowers really shined!

What I wore – Madewell overalls, thrifted Banana Republic sweater, Frye boots and Brixton hat

You’ve probably figured out my love for all things onesie- overalls, jumpers, coveralls- can’t get enough! Here are some great options if you’re looking to try for yourself or add to your growing collection, like me! In particular I gravitate towards overalls like the above Madewell or a classic Levis, but explore for yourself, more options, click here.

These were Dustin’s favorite, they were more petite than the others. Working on this post, I got curious. How many daffodil types are there? So, I Googled. Including hybrids, THERE ARE 13,000 TYPES! What?! That’s crazy! Not sure how many varieties we saw, but with “20 million” probably a lot! ;)

These were my favorite!

This is a “paperbush” tree aka Edgeworthia Chrysantha – how stinking cute?! Wish you could smell through the screen because those lil bushes are so deliciously fragrant. We had one for a while, but it recently bit the dust. Yes, even a blessed green thumb has casualties…

To quote D “I’m wearing my wife’s color palette now” haha but it looks good right?!

Gorgeous and easy trip outside of the city. There’s always something in bloom too – visit the gardens to see what’s fresh!

Next up, some exciting SALE news, details to follow!


Wine enthusiasts rejoice, I have found a hidden wine treasure!

An hour drive North of Atlanta will land you at Sharp Mountain Vineyards, Georgia’s 3rd oldest grapes.

We started with a tasting, which includes 5 wines. Below is what I chose and how I felt about it.

Usually a chardonnay gal, I surprised myself and went with a full pour of their ‘clean and crisp’ sauv blanc. MMM, would so drink right now! (but it’s 11am so…I digress)

Don’t let the comic sans font throw you off from the seriousness they take in their old-world style wine crafting; they grow, produce and bottle all of their own wine!

You’ll notice on my notes sheet, I wrote “only pinot noir in Georgia” which I was really pumped on as that’s my go-to red. Because of our high humidity and heat, it’s very difficult to grow in our state. Yet somehow, it’s been done, and quite well! Sharp’s was dryer than most I’ve had. Won’t even begin to sound like I know it’s because of this or that, I just know it was tasty!

One quick look at my IG and you’ll notice I’m pretty dang fond of this here (above) color. Even with impending Summer days, I don’t see it as a Fall-only pallet either. May be harder to find, but I’m on it!

Another thing I’ve been all about is-basics; you know, those staple pieces that can be mixed and matched within your wardrobe. Leaning less and less away from statement items simply because with my casual workplace and hobbies, the flashy pieces just don’t get as much wear.

At the moment, you could call my closet a ‘capsule wardrobe’ or at least the closest to I’ve ever been. Most of my favorite basics come from Madewell. Crew necks are also on repeat at the moment. Unless a client visit or shoot is happening, you’ll find me in a basic paired with classic jeans most week days.

A couple that stays together, dresses alike – that’s the saying, right?!

Back to wine, I would absolutely recommend visiting Sharp Mountain. If not only for the tasty wine but also the friendly staff and view of the mountain. There was a small group of ladies that posted up on a picnic blanket with the mountain as a backdrop, perfection if you ask me!


The other week I wore the same sneakers, my Adidas all-white Stan Smiths, every day to work and styled them a little differently (but comfortably) each time. Thought I’d share –

OUTFIT 1: & Other Stories sweater and sunnies, Joes Jeans pants, Madewell socks and purse

OUTFIT 2: Madewell top and jeans, H&M teddy jacket, Karoo glasses

OUTFIT 3: H&M top, Madewell jeans, Raybans glasses, Cleopatras Bling moon necklace, Penfield jacket

OUTFIT 4: Madewell top and jeans, Cleopatra’s Bling Moon necklace, H&M jacket

OUTFIT 5: Madewell sweater and jeans, Carhartt beanie, Karoo glasses, Cleopatra’s Bling Moon necklace


We had a gorgeous Sunday and like the sun craving people we are, took full advantage of it!

I’m in the mode of not wanting to spend any more money on cold weather clothing so I’m reworking things I already have. Got inspired by Keiko Lynn layering a sweater over a romper, and gave it a go myself. What do you think?

I liked it! Tho, right after these were taken, the strapped snapped so, next! This isn’t the first time it’s happened either, had a terracotta jumper last year I loved so much and it suffered the same demise. #tallgirlproblems

Also, Hi!!!! First post in a long time due to malware and a sucky hosting company. Special shout out to Nicely Built for getting her up and running again! More to come and hopefully more SPRING TO COME sooner rather than later!



If you follow along on IG, I bet you’re rolling your eyes ???? Been a big time oversharer but ya’ll, we really lived our best lives on that trip!

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