On Saturday we celebrated FIVE YEARS!

Five years filled with fun times, exploration, kitchen dancing, belly laughs, TLC and my BEAUTIFUL WEDDING RINGS. As it falls on Halloween, we celebrated a day earlier with fancy sushi. As well as at the beginning of the month opening our guestbook box that contained notes from our wedding guests during our last visit to the Daufuskie house, where we got engaged. Super special reading notes from friends and family!

More on my wedding ring below:

I love love love the story behind my wedding rings! Here goes…

When we first set out on finding a ring we looked at vintage and estate options at AmericasMart. I liked some of the pieces but none made us want to INSTANTLY pull the trigger. Talking about our shopping trips with my mom she said “I have my mothers and you can keep as is or rework!”


It was two rings, soldered together. The main had a tiny diamond that was surrounded by a lot of silver and a few super small diamonds along the band. By this time Dustin knew what I liked so I handed over the rings and said “lets keep the band as is, but I trust you!” When he popped the question and I saw the made over ring I WAS BLOWN AWAY!

He worked some magic and turned her into a work of art.

He upgraded the largest stone to a bigger more clear estate diamond, added two baguette diamonds, kept two small ones from the original and added two sapphire triangles to the underneath/side area for a total of 7 stones which is a lucky number to us.  The touch of blue represents Dustin and the triangles were a little something for me <3 We wanted it to remain two-tone, yellow gold and white gold to be able to go with whatever I want to wear with it.


The accent triangles are usually hidden when wearing but I absolutely adore the detail. Dustin drew it out in a moleskin and took it to the jeweler and viola! Feeling like a lucky lady all over again just typing this out!

Above are two other rings I wear everyday. The dainty sapphire band I got from Shopbop and the croissant ring is from Mejuri. Ring holder by local Atlanta ceramicist, Honeycomb Studio.

Hope you enjoyed reading about something very near and dear to my heart! Happy Anni Dustin <3

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    Allyanna Corcoran
    November 9, 2020 at 2:55 pm

    Congrats of five years! I love that ring holder! its so cute

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