vscofilm_weaverhouse29Happy first day of Spring!  From the looks of Facebook and Instagram, everyone is pretty excited about it including myself! As I mentioned previously, I just bought the newest VSCO film pack for Lightroom and while perusing their site, specifically the features section, I came across an article on The Weaver House that was very inspiring.  The Weaver House is a site and online creative corner for twin sisters Hannah and Kelty. These girls wear many hats including photographers, stylists, web and print designers and online shop owners.  I discovered them through their interview by VSCO which featured images they took for Verily Magazine-

The Weaver House was approached by Verily Magazine to do a fashion shoot for their first print issue. With a theme inspired by the attire of Emily Dickinson, Hannah & Kelty assembled a small and talented group of artists and friends, together fashioning a set of awe-inspiring imagery.

vscofilm_weaverhouse03vscofilm_weaverhouse02vscofilm_weaverhouse08 vscofilm_weaverhouse10 vscofilm_weaverhouse11vscofilm_weaverhouse14

Inspired by Emily Dickinson’s stylish habit of wearing white dresses, they invited us to produce a 14-page spread based on a quote about Emily from Mabel Loomis Todd: “She dresses wholly in white, and her mind is said to be perfectly wonderful.”

We were smitten with the notion of taking this theme and running with it, and immediately signed on, starting a Pinterest board with inspiration to build upon. We were lucky to reel in some incredibly talented local friends and stylists, from clothing to the model to props to makeup and hair. We shot the spread on Kelty’s farm just outside Portland, where we had free reign to climb, forage and snap photos to our hearts’ content.

vscofilm_weaverhouse17 vscofilm_weaverhouse18 vscofilm_weaverhouse19 vscofilm_weaverhouse20vscofilm_weaverhouse22 vscofilm_weaverhouse23 vscofilm_weaverhouse24vscofilm_weaverhouse12vscofilm_weaverhouse25 vscofilm_weaverhouse26

I really enjoy their interpretation of the vibe that Verily requested. I’ve been chatting with a local musician about doing something similar to this out at Stone Mountain or Arabia Mtn and with this new film pack need to nail down details quick, I want to edit and play around with films!

To read the full article and see all the photos, visit VSCO.

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