13209853694_790e1d5e78_bLucky for me I was informed by my in-the-know roommate about the Root City Market that happened on Saturday afternoon over at the adorable Avondale Estates.  It was such a delight perusing around the pop-up artist market checking out locally made goods!  Along with shopping I ran into several familiar faces as well as met a couple new creative thinking friends.  To top things off, even though the forecast called for rain it turned out to be a beautiful day!

Recently purchased the Visual Supply Company Lightroom plug-in and used the images I snapped at this event as an opportunity to practice using the film pack. Love the graininess and mood the films add to the images!  The plug-in was easy to install and even easier to use, I’m very excited with how this will cut down my editing time as well as give my photos a film-like life!

13209704673_e085544687_bI’m wearing my Anthro jumper, H&M tee, Sam Edelman boots, Vintage Saks Fifth Ave. bag and TOMS shades.

13209583445_468b6f6212_b 13209526025_ccee615c63_b13209558465_dd8916f61a_bSpent a fair amount of time chatting with this handsome guy, John of Oakleaf and Acorn over mutual friends, beard products (for my bf, not me!) and cool guy brands. His pop-up shop was great and his online selection is even better!

13209910964_d1270f068b_b13209893984_959b2873c0_b 13209887284_62c8be41a6_b13209828344_110c584390_bBought the above postcard and a 2014 calender from the ladies of Yours is the Earth. I plan to frame it and rep ATL in my little home!

13223129173_f30007b473_b13209729723_4c89614200_b13209545825_d6be057473_b13209835154_eba209ac31_b 13209698013_330140ce64_bThis last one is by far my favorite! I knew when I was driving down Ponce on my way home that these canary yellow bushes would make for great picture. So I did what any photographer would do and did a u-turn, put my flashers on and ran to said yellow bushes and snapped till I was satisfied and then returned to my illegally parked car! Worth it!

I love Atlanta for so many reasons and events like this make that love grow stronger. After the market I returned home to lay around and then when I got bored with that hit up my roommate who was porch hanging in Cabbagetown and joined her and her man. We made burgers, sipped beer and had a fire in their backyard pit before heading to Estoria and playing Buck Hunter.  I will say I impressed onlookers with a great shot at first and then slowly started to suck and then competitive me started to get less and less into the game but besides missing imaginary deer-what a day!  Yesterday, Dustin returned to my arms after a weekend of camping and shooting (real) guns with his buddies in Butler, GA.  He told me about their adventures over beermosas and brunch at Midway. A weekend with friends, art and a nap squeezed in-I’m one happy gal!  Hope everyone has a good day back on the grind! xo. FLASHY

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    Terry Kearns (@terrykearns)
    March 17, 2014 at 10:05 pm

    We got those fabric flowers at the last Root City Market for Christmas gifts, they continue to produce smiles.

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