finally developed my 35mm Holga and was quite pleased with how my adventures on film turned out:
(4th of July weekend-parent’s lake house-Tuscaloosa, AL)
22_34 copy
(Ocean Beach, California/Lake Tuscaloosa)
(emma key & i-Lake Tuscaloosa)
04_6 copy
(Botanical Gardens-Balboa Park-San Diego)
(Balboa Park artist village squirrel-so freakin cute!)
03_5 copy
(San Diego water front/Cactus Gardens)
(black bikini via H&M, super jumps via Smith family genes!)

speaking of vacations for the past week i’ve been in Cocoa Beach, FL which is to blame for the hiatus of posts since i’ve been on a beach or boat since. back on dry land and heading to Atlanta tonight, sadly, but wishing i could spend a few more days at the beach with my folks-
back to reality!

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