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“Waybu sunglasses are classic styles infused with sustainable bamboo materials. We’ve taken over year to design and craft a full collection of quality hybrid bamboo styles. Every pair purchased supports the Waybu crew’s journey through Haiti to give solar Aquapaks to people in need of clean water independence. We believe in making quality eyewear and doing some quality good in the world.”


I frequently receive emails about guest blog spots, advertising, etc. but usually don’t think they “fit” with the aesthetic of this blog so I pass. But when I read into the story behind Waybu eyewear I knew it was something right up my alley-sunglasses: LOVE/NEED/BUY OFTEN, good cause: EVEN BETTER! So, I wanted to share their story, line and current campaign that is raising money to fund the collection production which is available through IndieGoGo. They have tons of great frames, here are my favorites:


20130821235212-Collage_-_Seafarer_Brown_on_white_copy__1_20130813184742-Collage_-_Seafarer_Black_on_Tortus20130813184315-Collage_-_Loafer_Black_on_Black  20130813184707-Collage_-_Seafarer_red_mirror_on_black20130813185329-Collage_-_All_Bu_Red_Mirror

Each pair comes with a bamboo case (shown above) and all sunglasses actually FLOAT! If you follow the link to the campaign/fundraiser page, you can watch a short video about the line and cause and even see what this “aquapak” looks like (it’s pretty neat!) along with the special pricing for preorder.

So, if you’re into shades (or cool t-shirts!) and helping others out, head to their campaign from now until September 9th!

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