C O A C H E L L A 2 0 1 3 
and so it begins, the start of FESTIVAL SEASON, can I get a yayyyyyyyy?!?!

though I didn’t make it to Coachella again this year I’m always stoked to scour the internet for my favorite festival outfits. I was waiting till both weekends were over to collect as many looks as possible but as it turns out the best outfits were from Weekend One and I actually had a hard time even finding photos from Weekend Two…

after narrowing them down to my faves, I can say this year, much like all the other Coachella weekends did NOT disappoint! thanks to all the StreetStyle photographers out there capturing what we non-attendees can’t see for ourselves!

per usual I’ve paired together similar looks/color pallets/accessories/etc that I noticed were “trending” among the fashionable ladies, for example flower crowns or matching two-pieced outfits.

personally when I attend a festival it’s all about comfort and dressing practically for the weather conditions, especially since I usually camp (not to be confused with GLAMPING!)  so heels and white bottoms wouldn’t be my go-to but I do appreciate the effort that goes into Coachella.

speaking of getting excited for music, Atlanta has many’a festivals coming up, one of which is this weekend-Shaky Knees Festival-that I’ve been given a press pass to shoot this Saturday! Band of Horses is headlining and I couldn’t be more excited to cover the event! going to try and capture a few festival fashion shots of concert-goers if that’s possible around here, hahha, not saying ATL doesn’t have style but it’s certainly no Coachella..   other festivals heading our way in the next couple weekends are Party in the Park (Passion Pit, Yeasayer, Elle Goulding) and Jazz Fest (FREE! Memorial Day weekend)

get excited party people, SUMMER + MUSIC is on the way!
-F L A S H Y-

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