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I know it’s been a minute but I hope you didn’t forget I promised a recap of the Blogger Closet Sale at the W Hotel in Buckhead. We had so much fun setting up all of our things and reminiscing about different pieces showing each other splurge items we never wore and things we bought hoping to fit in and had to finally let go.  Getting there early and being set up pretty quickly also meant I was able to get first dibs on checking out the other bloggers closets.  I ended up buying three things-from Tiffany I got a fringe Zara blouse and an H&M army jacket and from Jessica I scored a denim Zara shirt. I’ve already worn them all!

Above bloggers from LEFT to RIGHT, click on names to view their site: Jessica, Tiffany, Trina, Lauren, Tia, lastly- you’re already on the tall girl’s site! All photos by Dylan York.

zVaBGKAV-MHvWyB459NAfuEuYwoQarnCfo8Cn4v77kQDustin had the brilliant idea to use my old business cards as earring cards, made things so easy! I think I sold every thing in this pic, I who could resist those prices?!

-GAl1ttDLvV8S7AaIxH0EVVMaBz6P2cYgNEl3dBDfsUWe each signed up for Square which made things super easy! Personally hadn’t used the software/app before but would definitely recommend if you need to accept cards at a function.

PqCMB0xGNJ4FJrbCo3Bzzz8h3OAZTde_QTx00T9Gf5sMy shoes didn’t sell that well, unfortunately, but I went and sold some at Buffalo Exchange and holding on to the rest until we have our “Fall Blogger Closet Sale.” That’s right, the W was so pleased with how it turned out they invited us to do another but none of those details are squared away yet but when we know, you’ll know!

a7OxdLXvofzNx7PT0TVQIAhj1RcYGOpZgXvutQAl3JUBlogger Natalie of 11th Thread stopped by to shop and support. She went home with a vintage fake fur jacket and mint maxi skirt from my closet as well as a few other pieces from fellow bloggers.

1E4qHLNvhlnrFYmY-hvYRk09aJJLz9LfmQsxfI9kDqYMy handsome “assistant” who helped me out big time with hauling all the stuff and set up/break down. He’s the best!

Additionally to the photos, Michael Mogill made a really cool video, check it out! 

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