Breast cancer awareness and philanthropy has always held a special place with me and even partially let to me choosing my college sorority (ZTA) based on it’s affiliation with breast cancer education and awareness. That being said I was very excited when I was invited to participate in the Cure on the Catwalk event for the second year. Meeting and getting to know woman who are strong, brave and kicking cancer’s ass is very rewarding. Let me share this year’s experience with ladies of the Pink Heels Foundation and Southern Blog Society-
This year I was paired with Kristen, a 27 year old breast cancer survivor who’s beat it twice now after being diagnosed at the young age of 23. She and I were matched with LuluLemon Athletica at Shops Around Lenox where met a week prior to the event to pick out our catwalk looks. Though choosing a look encompassing pink wasn’t mandatory we both agreed that pops of pink would be a good choice. After choosing our looks and thanking the gals at LuluLemon we walked over to Seven Lamps and had some drinks and really got to know each other with conversations about beer, music, boys and Atlanta.
Because the event was end of September we didn’t want to look to Summery and also didn’t want to look TOO athletic because we knew we’d be around boutique dresses and high heels. We thought that the herringbone was a good fit for Fall and the plum with pink stripes wasn’t too much of that color we both don’t wear that often.
(above two photos by me)
Getting prepped and ready for the catwalk with makeup and hair stylists from Van Michael Salon in Buckhead. Kristen was given a cute pink hair extension to sport for the night and I requested a low side bun with braids.
At first we didn’t know how in the world we’d fit in with our athletic wear with all the dressed up cocktail attire and then we just said, whatever, and had fun with it (see below photo of Kristen running in place on the catwalk!) Much to our surprise we fell in love with our pants of the evening! Her structured herringbone and my harem pants we both so comfy and stylish we were wishing we could take them home!
From left to right it goes model/survivor and blogger each lady styled in stores at the Shops Around Lenox. Despite day time rain clouds the evening turned out to be so nice!
Bloggers Jessica of My Style Vita, Jennifer of JennySue Makeup and Mae of Mae Amor sipping on some catwalk cosmos.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE that this moment was captured! Let me explain. So, Kristen and I were goofing off and joking about how we were the “athletes” of the group so we said we were going to jog out to and from the catwalk and when we were supposed to pause and ‘strike a pose’ we were just going to run in place. So that’s what this is, her running in place! So good.
*above photo by my pal Cameron Adams of Atlanta Street Fashion Blog
the man himself looking dapper as usual!
Natalie of Pocket of Presh and her baby boy came out to support!
Bloggers hanging with our celebrity host Julie Moran!
Pre-catwalk hanging in my LOFT pink cat dress (totally did that one on purpose!) and my LuluLemon look.

Photos by Ben Rose Photography & Dylan York

Thanks so much to all the sponsors, Pink Heels, Van Michael, W Buckhead, Southern Blog Society and especially Kristen for a wonderful event!

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