One of my favorite places to walk around, shop and eat in Atlanta is Westside Provisions District off Howell Mill. My love for this area began when I was renting a studio at the Goat Farm several years ago and it keeps growing with each new space that pops up including the recently opened JCrew Womens store.  Here’s an outfit I wore while grabbing lunch with Dustin and snapping streetstyle pics for Jezebel Magazine.




Hope everyone is ready for the *FAST* approaching holiday!  My shopping is pretty much done just need to complete a DIY project for mine and Dustin’s family which is on schedule and I plan to share here after it’s past the point of spoiling the surprise! For the first time ever I won’t be going home but rather spending Christmas with my boyfriend and his family.  Feels strange to have already received my presents via Fedex from my folks and to not be gearing up for a trip but also feels great to be this in love and have the chance to spend the holiday with my other half starting the beginning of our traditions.  I’ll miss my family’s many traditions including the candle light church service on Christmas Eve followed by driving around singing carols and checking out Christmas lights.  Then on the morning of Christmas, pawing through our cross-stitched stockings made by my Nana and sorting out the gifts in piles by name and waiting for my “turn” to open but I’ve gotta roll with the flow and this year it’s not the norm.  Biggest reason why my family isn’t “doing” Christmas is my parents house is in boxes from the move and my dad has to fly (he’s an airline pilot for Southwest) so we are putting our traditions on pause till next year.

Speaking of gifts, my early start to celebrating Christmas included Santa bringing me the Kate Spade purse I wanted and an Ipad Air, thanks to Santa Dad and Mrs. Kathy Claus for making this internet-loving-fashion-blogging-lady HAPPY.

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