There are few days you’ll find me without my favorite staple gold necklace. To me, it’s the finishing touch to any outfit, dressy or casual.

My favorite sites to shop from for quality jewelry include:

AUrate – Iconic designs, purest gold, honest pricing

Cleopatra’s Bling – handmade jewellery for bohemian, wanderlust and worldly woman created by Olivia Cummings in her studio in Istanbul

Mejuri – Handcrafted fine jewelry for the everyday

All of whom have sales going on till Monday!

The one I’m wearing here is extra special as the chain was a surprise on Christmas morning from Dustin who had gotten a hint or two and the charm from our recent trip to Amalfi, Italy.

I prefer to support smaller brands like the above mentioned and wearing pieces that have stories tied to them. Quality is also at the top of my list of musts, since I wear my jewelry daily through showering and working out, it’s got to last. One day, I hope to pass on my beloved pieces to my nieces so investing in long lasting items is important to me.

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