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Just like my wardrobe, my sleepwear HAS to be comfortable and thanks to Lunya, I’ll be sleeping in silky softness in this gorgeous set –

My favorite part is the leg slits! Nothing worse than feeling constricted while trying to decompress, relax and SLEEP.

Growing up, one of the Christmas gifts my brothers and I could always count on were pjs. It was usually Old Navy fleece pajama pants so I’ve definitely leveled UP with this chic set. If you’re a pj gift giver or love to receive/shop for yourself (no shame!), and are shopping around for Black Friday deals, Shopbop has you covered. They are currently running a sale for 20% off $200, see details here and have a HUGE collection of loungewear, sexy lingerie and pajamas, SEE HERE. Happy shopping friends!


We had a gorgeous Sunday and like the sun craving people we are, took full advantage of it!

I’m in the mode of not wanting to spend any more money on cold weather clothing so I’m reworking things I already have. Got inspired by Keiko Lynn layering a sweater over a romper, and gave it a go myself. What do you think?

I liked it! Tho, right after these were taken, the strapped snapped so, next! This isn’t the first time it’s happened either, had a terracotta jumper last year I loved so much and it suffered the same demise. #tallgirlproblems

Also, Hi!!!! First post in a long time due to malware and a sucky hosting company. Special shout out to Nicely Built for getting her up and running again! More to come and hopefully more SPRING TO COME sooner rather than later!


Still feeling so fortunate that I was able to attend the inaugural Let’s Conference on Sunday. New to the scene, it’s just what our city needs: lady empowerment! The conference also coined “the best Sunday ever” and rightfully so because it was!

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Recently had the chance to try out 2ULaundry, a next day service for wash & fold and dry cleaning. The idea behind the company is simple: time is delicate-why spend it doing laundry?

They handle all the steps easily for you-from picking up to the one day turn around-they aim to be simple and fast. So what’d I think? Continue reading—

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Hi blog world, I’ve missed you! Well, sort of. It’s been real chill not panicking about posts and just coasting through the ease of IG life.  So much easier to post on the go and I’ve really been loving the stories aspect, especially when I leave town or stay in town but have a fun ass day. Like Sunday when we ice skated in the skies of Atlanta! Yep, in November. We had a freaking blast, thanks to Phase 3 who invited us to preview the rink before it opened to the public on Monday. And like any “good” blogger I totally dressed like a fool. A fashionable fool that is.  We’re talking didn’t bring socks or gloves or enough clothes in general but hey, I looked real kewl (definitely calls for a K..)

Ponce City Market | ATL, GA

Here’s what I wore to the rink and an IG story recap of our fun!

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