Hi blog world, I’ve missed you! Well, sort of. It’s been real chill not panicking about posts and just coasting through the ease of IG life.  So much easier to post on the go and I’ve really been loving the stories aspect, especially when I leave town or stay in town but have a fun ass day. Like Sunday when we ice skated in the skies of Atlanta! Yep, in November. We had a freaking blast, thanks to Phase 3 who invited us to preview the rink before it opened to the public on Monday. And like any “good” blogger I totally dressed like a fool. A fashionable fool that is.  We’re talking didn’t bring socks or gloves or enough clothes in general but hey, I looked real kewl (definitely calls for a K..)

Ponce City Market | ATL, GA

Here’s what I wore to the rink and an IG story recap of our fun!

Brixton hat, UNIQLO top, Madewell jacket and overalls, Kelsi Dagger kicks, vintage Coach bag, Rayban sunnies

I really love this top, sooo stretchy and comfortable. Guess that was one appropriate piece of clothing I wore-ha! Been trying to add back in some color to my wardrobe, but strategically. Right now it’s black, white, denim, some other blues, 2-3 pieces of red and I just picked up a dress from Anthro that’s green. See here.  When I took my closet down from overflowing drawers, tupperware under the bed, multiple dresses (you get the point: hoarder status) to about a capsule size I was so scared of rebuying bold pieces that don’t work well together.  From there I think it translated into all neutrals everything-which, nothing wrong with that-but I was feeling a bit too monochrome for my personality. Thinking red is my new neutral. Curious what other peoples “neutrals” are…

After posing around trying to look warm we got a few beverages of courage and hit the rink….

Great idea self, have fun, YOLO!

Little did I know…

Cool cool cool. I got hustled!


We saw a huge hawk, froze but had a blast, I bought a ton of Madewell socks on sale and the cutest cactus earring (pre surgery gifts to self!), had an Indian boozy slushy, met my friends infant Siamese and topped it off with hot tub times with my dude. If that’s not Sunday Funday, I need to contact Urban Dictionary and get an amendment. Redo please!

Thanks for the good time friends at Phase3!

If you’re curious about my jacket and hat I got both from one of my favorite online retailers, Shopbop. I constantly brag about them because they offer an amazing selection of affordable and high end pieces and constantly have killer sales. Like right now!  Just bought this bag and saved a ton!  Click here for all the details on how to score 20% off this jacket and more~

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