Still feeling so fortunate that I was able to attend the inaugural Let’s Conference on Sunday. New to the scene, it’s just what our city needs: lady empowerment! The conference also coined “the best Sunday ever” and rightfully so because it was!

Glowing from the Georgia heat or all the love from creatives, influencers, entrepreneurs BOSS LADIES?!

Seriously, one of the most Instagramable events Atlanta has seen *heart eyes* for the networking area sitting nook~

The swag and freebies were fun, like these lil baby bouquets from Goodie and Grace.

Various options for the perfect photo backdrop but what was really unique was this Boho Bus equipped with a Smilebooth inside! (photo strip below)

Who wouldn’t smile this big with a company like Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream? Enjoyed listening to her speak about making a career from what she loves doing-making people happy with intentionally crafted ice cream.
Jeni’s values ~

1-Golden Rule, obviously the usual “treat others the way you want to be treated” but she likes to add “treat people the way THEY want to be treated”

2-Put your name on it “your name is everything everyone knows about you”

3- Act with purpose

4-Make people feel loved

Sounds like she’s a good human right? I mean look at that smile!

Walked up to the line and spotted Whitney of Ampersand Creative Agency who I’ve been internet friends with for a while but never met in real life. We chit chatted and I asked “mind if I sit with you?” and a little while later was like “do you know Jess Jones? she’s heading here!” and low and behold they were attending together. Love this small community of ours so much and spending the day with these two was such a sweet blessing.

Per usual with stellar events, I stayed till the very end. Mingling with Brandi of A Sensible Habit and Sarah of 3 Parks Wine Shop. Both boss ladies, both creative and both extremely well dressed. Hey ladies, lets have that wine date ASAP!

Jess Jones said “more movement” after my pencil pose and this is what she got!
What. A. Day. YALL!
I wish I had the attention span to write a long winded post about how inspiring each key note speaker was or just how proud I am of Morgan, founder of ATL Girl Gang, for building up the community – but, I got things to do so I leave you with these pics. Hope to see you at the next one!

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