Recently had the chance to try out 2ULaundry, a next day service for wash & fold and dry cleaning. The idea behind the company is simple: time is delicate-why spend it doing laundry?

They handle all the steps easily for you-from picking up to the one day turn around-they aim to be simple and fast. So what’d I think? Continue reading—

The process starts with setting up an account, which is easy. From there you pick a time you want the supplies dropped off. Then a cute box arrives with all you need for the services. Inside is a stain pen and three bags: one for wash & fold, one for dry cleaning and another for wash & hang dry.

From there it’s all about your laundry preference.

Dustin and I are very particular when it comes to cleaning our clothing.  I’m definitely the more neurotic one but our habits actually align pretty on point.

To best summarize: wash on cold + hang dry all the things

Besides most undies, socks and a few casuals we hang everything to dry for a few reasons: 1. it prolongs the life of the garment 2. reduces shrinkage and 3. We love doing extra work, IDK? Seems like good practice for invested-in clothing.

Oh, another thing I’m particular about, thanks to mama’s teachings, is washing alike colors together. Helps eliminate the possibility of colors running and my theory is, if you’re washing a load of darks and one bleeds, well it’ll just strengthen the color of the others. *not proven what so ever.


All the above being said, you can guess I went with the wash & hang dry option.

Place full bags back outside, they get picked up and dropped back off the following day. They send you text alerts letting you know the status too so there’s no guessing about when your stuff is going to arrive.

Was curious with the one-day turn around how they were going to hang dry my clothes and get them dry in time but what happens is they drop of the clothes still damp on hangers so you just spread out and let dry in your home.

Very easy process. Here’s a few pros and cons as a summary:


  • Easy~Like, silly easy.
  • Convenient~Literally on your doorstep.
  • Inexpensive~For 9 wash & hangs plus a sweater dry cleaned it was $16.00


  • My neighborhood is safe but things from porches go missing all the time. I feared leaving my stuff outside could lead to having to replace pieces I loved. But, it’s so quick and with the text updates, my nerves were calmed.
  • We are always looking for ways to save money, so this would definitely be a service we’d cut to save pennies especially since we have a washer/dryer in-house. However, we are a one car house at the moment, therefor the dry-cleaning option is most def something we’d use.
  • They are only in Atlanta and Charlotte. Sorry other 48 states!

If you’re stretched for time, travel a lot, don’t have in-home laundry or just hate cleaning in general – this service would be perfect for you!

Wanna give it a try and save $20 on your first go, use code LADYFLASHBACK at checkout!

This is a sponsored post- all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    March 7, 2018 at 10:56 pm

    Love the idea behind the company. Time is so precious!

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