Went on a lady date with blogger babe Sara back in July and per usual snapped a ton of pics then, not as typical, did absolutely nothing with them.  For no reason at all just put on the back burner. That ever happen to my bloggers out there? I can’t say it happens a lot because I’m always looking for content, however, I do have another post I never shared but will be next up.  Hint: smoothie bowl!

After the huge success of their Inman Park location Barcelona Wine Bar opened it’s second Atlanta restaurant around this time last year in the back of the old Atlanta Ironworks development.

Barcelona is thrilled to bring the best of Spanish food, culture, and style to Westside Ironworks. The restaurant’s mid-century modern architecture is the perfect representation of Barcelona’s contemporary and bold aesthetic. Strong horizontal steel roof lines held in place with over-sized steel columns, and factory pendant lights pay homage to the historic Westside industrial district. For those who enjoy dining under the setting sun or a canopy of stars, the expansive and lush garden-style courtyard features a rustic outdoor wood burning fireplace and extends into the bar area through two large steel and glass vertical sliding doors.

Gazpacho | Barcelona Wine Bar | Westside, ATL

Don’t judge, we shared!

Spots like this make me proud to call 30318 both my work and home neighborhood!

Bet you’re wondering what the “news” part of the title is…..


And Madrid!

Next month from 4/3-4/15 we’ll be between the three cities. The first half is Spain with Dustin’s parents and youngest sister and then we’ll split off for the France half. We’ve been excited but now that it’s getting close, it’s becoming more real!  None of Dustin’s family has been to Spain so that’ll be new for everyone but this will be Dustin’s third time going to Paris. He’s declared it his favorite foreign city and has been wanting to take me ever since we got serious. Pumped to see his excitement showing off all the places he loves!

To say “I’m going to eat all the cheese, drink all the wine and take all the dang pictures” would be putting it lightly!

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