Lately my mind has been clouded with thoughts of all things wedding related. Which is a good thing because I had that initial rush of “oh my gosh I’m getting married and must plan away” and naturally, the planning and pinning slowed down with the holidays and just enjoying being engaged.  Now that it’s only nine months out it’s time to get things really going! So I’ve been working on the save-the-dates and fine tuning our to-do list. This past Sunday, Mom and I went to a bridal show but unfortunately didn’t accomplish much (besides having fun in photobooths and trying samples) until after we left and went to and upscale bridal boutqiue called Kelly’s Closet in Candler Park.  It was there we discovered and fell in love with the designer Jenny Packham. The beautifully beaded gowns immediately caught our eye!  I tried on 6 or 7 and when we thought we found the one we left to think on it. Later we decided it may not have been THE ONE but the designer was definitely who we wanted to go with. After lots of searching and inquiries we found a sample at a boutique in CT and it’s currently ON IT’S WAY!!! We are super super thrilled and I cannot wait to get it altered and fitted. So now that the dress is picked out it’s time to get other areas covered like catering and the cake. I still haven’t decided on a caterer so if you’re in or around Atlanta and have someone you like-holler at me!

As for the cake, not much is decided except for the fact it’s going to be naked, meaning no outside icing. I’m not a big fan of tons of icing so this trend is perfect for me.  Dustin on the other hand likes frosting-says it’s his favorite part-so we’ll be getting him a grooms cake to his liking.  Here are some photos I’ve pulled as inspiration for when I find a baker around town we like, currently thinking of Highland Bakery, but again if you have a suggestion let me know!

brides23758fad42c3c428adb7c098629a4782fbenandcolleenbrides3local milkbrides1photo credits 1/2/4/7 via Brides, 3 via Ben and Colleen, 5 via Adventures in Cooking, 6 via Local Milk.

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    Allison Leighann
    February 5, 2015 at 7:43 pm

    You know, I would’ve never thought that a a naked cake could look so appetizing! But all of these definitely do.

    Also. I found you online because I literally JUST moved to Atlanta and I was looking for fellow bloggers! I’m glad I found you! I’d love to meet up sometime for coffee or something!


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