Last night friends and I gathered for a Friendsgiving Feast that was off the wall! Since Dustin’s favorite food is randomly deviled eggs we decided that it should be our contribution. I went for a fancy recipe I found online that had prosciutto, goat cheese and cornichons, recipe is via Pixilated Crumb idea was via a date night at JCT Kitchen over on the Westside.





Aside from our bomb deviled eggs there was a smoked turkey (props to Muriel and Alex who brought the DELISH bird!) casseroles galore (naturally..) handful of pies (my fav was Mallory’s salted honey creation!) and I tried for the first time clam dressing made by the hosts Mr & Mrs Smith. Great time with my closest friends! Tomorrow night is CHVRCHES at Variety and I’m so excited, they’ve been playing on my Spotify NON-STOP!

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

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