I’ve always loved to cook and make up my own recipes but you wouldn’t know it reading my blog since I haven’t shared much.  This is mostly due to terrible lighting in the kitchen of my last place but since moving into a large well-lit kitchen, I’d like to post more about food. Meals consume a lot of our daily life and since my blog has turned into more lifestyle, I’d like to start sharing our tasty-and usually pretty easy-meals!

This weekend while we painted the hallway and conquered little projects around the house, I took a break to cook us a late lunch and snap some photos.   One of my favorite foods is pizza and a lot of times, the quicker the better. Using flat bread takes a lot of hassle out of the process and is pretty light and airy.  All ingredients were purchased at Kroger. Here’s what you’ll need:

Flat bread
Meat, I used pork
Italian cheese blend
Marinara sauce
Red onion

First you’ll want to brown the meat. I added a bourbon pork seasoning and onions until all was cooked thoroughly. Spread some evoo on the flat breads, then add sauce, then cheese and top with meat and a little more cheese. There was no way I could have fit all the meat on these so I saved the leftovers and made spaghetti the next day.  We love recycling food! I cooked these babies at 350 for around 10-12 minutes. Then we chowed down while watching the last episode of season 2 of The Americans.
16139394128_0698b936ee_kAnd of course we added Sriracha and Tony Chachere’s as we both put them on everything! Very yummy, sorta lean (?) and filling! It got two thumbs up from Dustin as well which always makes me happy, not that he’s picky what so ever but it’s still rewarding.

The possibilities with these are endless. We’ve made bbq chicken, alfredo chicken and mushrooms and vege flat bread pizzas. Try your favorite combo and let me know how you like it!

Though it’s nearly dark when I get home from work, I’m going to try and do more food posts on the weekend. Next up on the blog: recapping a yoga session at the Free People of Avalon .Stay tuned!

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