Originally I had written a whole bunch for this post and then something happened and none of it was saved. So I’m going to keep it short because, well, no one likes to do things twice so I’ll just let the photos do the talking *Insert wide-eyed emoticon here*

My buddy Kristie Jo moved to the Morningside area of Atlanta and I paid her a visit with camera in tow since her home decorating skills are always on point. I had planned to take interior photos but when I saw the porch situation I fell in love! Take a peek:



The prettiest blue eyed Siamese around, Miss Mod. Don’t let her fluff fool you, she’s tiny!


KJO watching one of the many hummingbirds that sipped and zipped by her feeder.


Our dinner was a tasty chicken caesar salad. Not pictured: the delicious champagne and St. Germain concoction she whipped up!


This is the entrance and front porch. The apartment is part of a three-story home with the owner living on floors one and three, unique right? He did a great job transforming the space!


Tucked inside city woods, this little space is the perfect hideaway. Still can’t believe she found it on Craig’s List, I swear these rad living spaces find her!

Thanks girl for letting me share your home!


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