Two things you need to know, coffee and breakfast tacos. Go on? I thought so!

Muchacho is half of two relatively new dining options that opened up in Grant Park in an old train station building. Connected (behind the closed door below) is it’s sister eatery, Golden Eagle which has equally as cool, but very different, vibes.

Stepping into Muchacho feels like walking into a 1973 coffee shop in a surf town in Southern California.  Oozes cool vibes – see more for yourself after the jump!

photo via their Instagram, @muchachoatl

We went at 9:00am on a Sunday to beat the crowd and noticed it did get busier around 11-12 but if it’s a nice day, they have a ton of outdoor seating.  Yea, I guess this is what being in your 30s is like, beating the hungover kiddos to the brunch spots on the weekend…whatever, I’ve been enjoying our weekends hangover-free! Though tbh, I saw that they served canned rose and got very excited.

Pictured here are the breakfast and pork tacos and the toast is the ricotta.

if you’re wondering if these sleeves got all up in our tacos, the answer is: YES

those giant pickled carrots were so good. how are they so big?!

Hop over and try for yourself. The tacos do not disappoint!

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More Cuba posts coming right up!

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