This Christmas was the first holiday that Dustin and I divided things up between both of our families versus having to choose one or the other. It felt so good feeling the start of our own little family happening and having each other during all the traditions. Next Christmas we’ll have the same last name-crazy!

This year we first went out to Alpharetta for an early celebration of Winchester festivities and gift exchange both on Dec. 14th and the 21st — he’s got a large family and is the oldest of six!  Next we went to Alabama to hang out with the Smith crew. We kept the four days in Tuscaloosa very low key, which is exactly what we needed after packing and moving over the course of two weeks. For nearly the entire holiday we stayed in stretchy pants and lounged around. We cooked a bunch of yummy food, watched several traditional Christmas flicks (i.e. Christmas Vacation, Home Alone) played Cards Against Humanity and consumed copious amounts of wine. The second to last day I actually put on makeup and non-stretchy clothes and we explored around the wooded back yard, that was until I realized Frye boots are not make for hiking (or at least not these boots!)  My parents backyard is beautiful and leads down to a pretty big creek, here’s my one non-pajama look from this week:

Most of this outfit is new, but the newest piece is the Kate Spade sunglasses given to me from my younger brothers girl friend, Emily, thanks girl! Love the mother of pearl detail, these are definitely my go-to shades of the moment.  This was my first time wearing these boyfriend jeans I bought at Urban Outfitters and I really like the fit, though I think the next outfit I pair these with will I’ll have a more feminine shirt.

Details – Shirt/ Target, Jeans/UO, Sunglasses/ Kate Spade, Boots/Frye, Beanie/H&M
Today we fly into Denver, CO and then travel a few more hours into Beaver Creek to go skiing for a week. I’m both nervous and excited since I know it’ll be beautiful but also haven’t skied since I was 19 and I’ve broken many bones since that time. I plan to take lessons the first day out there as it’s been recommended that I do so. I’m taking my camera so expect a big recap post next week. Until then, enjoy ringing in the new year!

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    Alaina Lately
    January 2, 2015 at 6:46 pm

    Oh how I remember the days when we first started splitting time between the in-laws and my family during the holidays. It gets easier as you adapt to the new life which means remaining flexible and coping with the initial shock that you might miss something, but I can say that there are very few things that compare to starting a new legacy together with your soulmate. Good luck to you on your new journey.

    P.S.– Your brother’s girlfriend has great taste :).

    From one Atlanta Blogger to Another,

  • Reply
    Katherine Smith
    January 8, 2015 at 2:59 am

    We had a great time :)

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