For some time now I’ve badly wanted to attend a Kinfolk gathering.  From the stunning images I’ve gawked at on Instagram and following the magazine online, each event looks like the perfect mixture of quaint and magical combined!  So, when the opportunity to attend a supper in Nashville presented itself to Courtney and I, we jumped on it!

The exact location of the event wasn’t known until a few days before and when Court saw the address she said “Jess, this is literally on the street I live on!” Which was cool and confusing. Was it a house? Barn she didn’t know of down the way? Confusion.  We didn’t care any which way it went we just got ready and called a Lift driver. We rode over with her friends, who I’m thankful to now consider my buddies, Rob and Leslie and their pup Doug.

A very short ride later, we arrived at a sweet little home, that really we could have walked to, it was that close! As we approached we were greeted by two guys who told us the party was in the back, so we moseyed on thru the path to the side of the house and arrived in the backyard to this:


Wow, right?!

We were in awe of the beautiful picnic style tables made by Ausden Inc. Nashville. We were in awe of the sun pouring into the backyard over the high fencing highlighting the perfectly manicured yard.  And we were in awe of how nice everyone was from the get-go!!

After introductions we selected which Bulleit cocktail we each wanted and then proceeded to take photos of everything.


I’m wearing an unconventional asymmetrical Urban Outfitters top, which was love at first sight, Joe’s Jeans, Frye sandles c/o of Shopbop, a Free People necklace and my favorite Kate Spade shades.


After we got our refreshments they brought out a slew of fancy cheeses and small bites served on beautiful wooden platters with the most precious mini plates I’ve ever seen!


Each attendee went home with a bunch of goodies, included was Brash coffee (which will soon be opening a location very close to my work, yay!) a candle and fancy matches from Candlefish, a branch weaving kit from Camellia Fiber Company, peach jam from The Peach Truck and bath salts from Local Milk. Best ‘swag bag’ EVER!


The star of the evening was Doug the Pug who is an international super star. Seriously this guy is famous! Look at him being all lumber sexual!


The evenings’ menu. My favorite was the dessert, and I’m not a huge sweets person, usually more into savory but that tart with the icecream was magic- so darn good! Second was the chilled peach soup, the ginger gave it the perfect kick.

19478316655_ae6026a69b_k copy

Plates by Handmade Studio TN, floral design by Twigss Floral Studio and the above hand-lettering by Signora.


Beth Kirby of Local Milk was the chef of the evening and made everything from scratch. I mean everything, even the butter!

19290740180_0a5d8f4501_k 19452213136_165ae8abbd_k


Always enjoy being at communal tables. Makes for the best (and sometimes wackiest) conversations!


Shout out to this lady who I’m so grateful to have met and gotten close to over the last year. She just redesigned her website, Realfoodology, be sure to give that a look. Love you Court!


After supper was concluded, it turned into a good ole backyard shindig where we sipped on a keg from Jackalope Brewing, listened to live music and stayed until we were the last folks besides the hosts, which is how I usually roll!


It’s too bad I didn’t get a photo of the full meal, well, I did but I didn’t like how it turned out. I was obviously sidetracked trying to talk and eat and guess I just didn’t take the time to make it look pretty. It sure as heck was yummy! Love me some trout!

Overall, my experience at my first and most definitely not last, Kinfolk supper was a great one! Besides having Dustin there, I don’t think it could have gone any better!

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