dutch & heshka

Last weekend we got the Halloween party(s) started with a night in Little 5 Points at the Boos and Brews bash at Front Page News. We went into it thinking it was a beer fest since they sorta advertised as one but quickly realized it was simply a BIG PARTY so we dove right into the dance floor then challenged another couple to beer pong (won!) and had a blast!

Then on Saturday we went to the Scoutmob party at the Goat Farm where we volunteered for Frozen Pints, handing out beer ice cream samples to the first 250 attendees, then walked around taking in all the spooky artwork and of course finding the Smilebooth and snapping some pics! 

dutch_heshka copy
We both got a good deal on our costumes from Psycho Sisters in L5P and even though they’re prepackaged we added our own touches to them and made sure to ALWAYS have a beer (or two) in hand!

I’ll be laying a little lower this evening since I’m working a photobooth at Backbone Fest both Friday and Saturday night! Come to the Highland Ballroom for some lady talent at this female music and entertainment festival!

Hope everyone has a fun, safe and spppooooooooky night! 

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