After a lot of debating between here and there we decided to go with Tulum, Mexico for our honeymoon!

The other spots we tossed around were Costa Rica and Greece but Mexico won for many reasons. Ultimately, we decided we wanted to go to Greece, however, November isn’t the best time to go. Rather then spend all of our money on a Costa Rica trip we came up with the game plan to do a cheaper and easier trip now and save some of our honeyfund to visit Greece when it’s prime time to go in mid-May of 2016.

Last week we bought our plane tickets and this week we are working on nailing down our hotels.  We want to skip around and maybe even stay in Playa Del Carmen since it’s in between Cancun (where the airport is) and Tulum.

The top hotels that are in the running are Coqui Coqui, Ahau Tulum and Casa de las Olas.  Still perusing just in case I missed a goodie and also open to suggestions!


Adorable map by The Kitchy Kitchen, she also has an impressive guide here.

Below are images that I found while doing research on Tulum that got me very excited about our trip-

sf_girlhut fruit
sf_girl2 coqui sj

Photos via Madewell blog, Sincerely Jules, Entouriste, SF Girl by Bay, The Kitchy Kitchen and Lonny

So much charm in this little beach town!

Things we are excited to do: swim in the cenotes, check out Mayan ruins, eat all the tacos, drink all the margaritas, chill, spear fish (Dustin), snorkel, watch the sun set, buy local goods and whatever other adventures we stumble upon!

Let the countdown begin! 131 days to be exact!

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