Kailua Beach

here’s the last of my Hawaii recap from my FAVORITE DAY of the whole trip!
we spent a whole day being adventurous on Kailua Beach kayaking to the Mokulua Islands, commonly known as “Moks” or “Twin Islands.” we paddled out to the big one, about 2.5 miles from land and had some lunch, snapped photos, did some light hiking and jumped in the tidal pool called the “queens bath.” can’t express how amazing this day was, but I can share some of my fav photos. 
HawaiianForever 21 bathing suit #2, was really drawn to the mismatching look and seriously couldn’t beat the price! also wearing some inexpensive shades I bought for the trip from Clothing Warehouse in Little Five Points. love me some deals!
the colors, textures and plant life on the island were breathtaking!!
absolutely adore this photo of Steph with salty hair and her tribal print rash-guard which I was totally jealous of and wanted to swipe when she wasn’t looking!
don’t worry, I’m wearing SPF 70. seriously.

so, after our kayak and snorkeling adventure we grabbed some island snow aka shaved ice and then set out on a hike of the Kaiwa Ridge Trail to check out the old WWII era “pillbox” bunkers. these were used for observation of the coastline front during a possible Japanese invasion (knowledge we gained from some fellow hikers since it’s not super touristy and had ZERO signage.)

this was number one of two that we hiked to, as you can see it’s pretty fierce terrain!
these aren’t our dogs but they were hilarious! walked right past us, didn’t want or need to be petted just wanted to check out the amazing view. who could blame them?!
view from the pillbox!
close up of the bunker and though it’s eroding and has been painted over throughout the decades, you can still see it’s original structure. we thought these were too cool and climbed all over them, even sat on the roof with some other folks and looked out over the coastline. one thing we didn’t do was climb in, sorta freaked us out.
though I don’t usually heavily edit my photos, I really didn’t touch up these photos at all, just some minor lightening to bring out colors but really wanted to let the natural beauty do all the talking.
recapping my trip has been really nice, it’s like visiting all over again minus the sunscreen and convertible. would love to go back and have more days like the above, truly a highlight! 
thanks for taking the time to look at my trip.
next up: Coachella Street Style from weekend one + two!

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