December Root City Market

This past Saturday I shot my third Root City Market.  It took place over at Stove Works in Old Forth Ward. As always it was a success and a whole lot of fun!  I chatted it up with lots of vendors and friends stopping by. Bought a Christmas gift for Dustin and a cheese/bread board for the new house I’ll be moving into this weekend. The wood came from Front Page News, a bar in Little Five Points, which I thought was very cool!

One of the free activities was a “draw your neighborhood station” made by my roomie, Sarah.  It consisted of vintage inspired postcards she designed that were hung on the window with washi tape that you took down, drew on the back and hung back up with your drawing facing outward. The outcome was so cute and everyone got into drawing their neck of the woods!
Most of the volunteer crew though some were having to hold down the fort! Jen, the creator and curator of RCM is in the center. She’s the sweetest!
Drawing of my current neighborhood, Poncey-Highlands, and my little family :)
The one I got is 4th from the left! Such a neat shape.
Allison of Flower Crown Society made the whimsical wall and ceiling hangings. This is one talented lady!

Good luck wrapping all those gifts and getting your Christmas shopping completed!

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