Saturday marked the 11th annual Ciderfest in Adair Park!  I couldn’t believe it, eleven years, and somehow it was my first time attending! It’s not a super official event-no website, mostly promoted on Facebook-but they do take cider-making passionately.

Writing this post made me wonder how it got started, so I asked my friend Katherine who helps organize the event and she told me that when it first originated the apples were picked from all over the city’s public trees. Then one year they had wayyy too many and so they donated them, which sparked Concrete Jungle, which I wrote about here.  Through scouring the city for apple trees for the festival they quickly realized that Atlanta had a lot of unused fruit-bearing trees and bushes. A fun event birthed an organization that helps feed our cities homeless population-that’s Atlanta for you-making fun things good and good things FUN!

Ciderfest in a nutshell:

Take thousands of apples -> Toss them into a couple silly hand-cranked and pedal-powered machines -> Pulverize those lovable fruits into a fine fresh cider” -from the FB event page

The apples are sourced from Mercier Orchards but some of them do still come from picking around the city, however, they don’t want to take away from what they donate.  Attendees bring their own jugs, mugs and storing devices to sip and take some home as well as something to eat and share.  There’s live music, trampolines, DIY screen printing and all the socializing your heart desires!

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I couldn’t think of anything that said apple cider festival + Fall more than overalls, a big hat and PLAID!


Less than two weeks and I’ll be married to this hunk!


Even the kiddos got involved!


Getting a workout while making cider!


Our drinking apparatus made by local guys, Go Forth Goods. We added a saison beer to the cider to cut the sweetness and add some bubbles-recommend that or some whiskey ;)


Two of my adorable friends, lovebirds Sarah + Ryan, sipping from their fun cider-holders.


The scraps are used for composting so that no apple parts are gone to waste!


The homeowner, host and co-founder of the fest, Angel, has a dreamy backyard packed out with pretty flowers, eucalptus and persimmon trees! Not pictures a chicken coop and the under-construction Beltline!

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Free People overalls, Target plaid shirt, Frye boots, Madewell totes, UO hat & Kate Spade shades.

Afterwards we went to the Little Five Halloween parade and then chowed down on Mexican at our favorite, Elmyriachi. A good weekend indeed!

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