Concrete Jungle is an Atlanta-based non-profit that connects the dots between Atlanta’s abundant fruit tree canopy and those in need. In the past 6 years, Concrete Jungle has donated 17,000 pounds of fresh local produce to food banks–free produce that would have otherwise rotted in parks, yards, and on streets.

And what’s even cooler is that it’s all been done by the awesome folks that volunteer their time! Going on their 6th year in action they’ve realized they can hardly scratch the surface of the 2,500 fruit trees they’ve mapped.  So now, they are looking to do something new, raise funds to hire their first ever director! As it so happens, the bad-the-bone farmer gal is my buddy Katherine Kennedy. She rules and is definitely perfect for the position!  As mentioned on my blog’s Facebook page (don’t follow that? please do!) they’re running a campaign and held a fundraiser at Ladybird this past Sunday. The campaign is still live and goes for three more days!

The fundraiser at Ladybird Grove and Mess Hall sold out, go Concrete Jungle! The evening started with a tour of wild fruit trees in the area and then turned into a carnival-themed shindig. New Belgium sponsored the event and they raffled off a cruiser bike. Dustin won a couple tickets from his drone flying skills but sadly we didn’t win the bike, however, supporting and hanging with friends that give their time to those in need was winning enough for us!


While everyone was hanging outside playing carnival games, I took advantage of the empty space and snapped photos of the decor. It’s no mystery why I love this spots’ vibes!



Future director Miss Katherine! Her shirt reads “y’all aint eatin’ ’em”


The carnival games were created by Aubrey, one of the founders of Concrete Jungle. The above game represented how the folks of CJ collect tree fruit. Basically someone shakes the tree and as the fruit falls other folks catch usually with a tarp and not their shirt, but these balls are way less harmful than say, pears! The below game was flying a drone onto tarps, which I heard was easier said than done.  They use the drone to help map out all the fruit trees around Atlanta and have actually made an app for locating them, technology is so freaking cool!


My mechanical engineer fiance was bomb at flying the drone and of course now wants one, ha!






What I wore; romper- C&C California, kimono-Billabong, sandles-Target, sunnies-Kate Spade


Whether you’re an Atlanta native, current resident, visitor or don’t live here at all– Concrete Jungle is doing real good stuff and you should donate!

Fundraiser page here.

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