This past weekend Dustin and I went on a inpromptu trip with my brother and his wife down to Edisto, SC. We got in late Friday night and went to the beach all day Saturday — playing in the waves, throwing frisbees and super bouncy ocean toys and sipping island drinks. On Sunday we did a quick run through of Charleston as Dustin and I hadn’t been there before–I know, I know..HOW have we not been there?! Unsure because it’s absolutely adorable! We walked along The Battery and Rainbow Row taking in the sights. I quickly took notice to the amazing windows and the mini gardens hanging outside of them. The shutters were also super neat–even found one with crescent moons! Before it was too late and we were no longer passing along said windows, I snapped some of my favorites:


As I’m typing this Dustin is waiting in the car for me as we are leaving for yet another trip! This one has been planned for some time now. We are heading to FL to meet up with my parents and then driving down to Key Largo for a week of deep sea fishing! Have a good rest of the week!

Next up: I’ll be sharing more photos from Charleston!

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