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Greenhouse Serenbe

As promised here is the tour of Greenhouse at Serenbe owned and operated by Kenya! This little shop is packed with vintage goods and brands made in the USA. 16555799196_f714e934e3_k16394561068_2ad8d13e5f_k16555798796_9a6fb493a7_k15959647114_2847edaa68_k
Those are my wall hangings! So cool to see something you spent time on displayed in a brick and mortar, what a good feeling!
If you live in Atlanta or find yourself visiting, it’s definitely worth a little road trip out to Serenbe to not only explore around the town and farm but also to pop into Kenya’s shop. You’re sure to find an inspiring cook book, gift for the man in your life, a fun tote for yourself, something for the house or straight up just get inspired!

Store hours are Thursday-Sunday 11am – 5pm. Also, if you don’t live in GA, visit her online market


I started a Tumblr! I’ve been making an effort to have it be somewhat different than my Pinterest, well, the same vibes but more refined if that makes sense. With an upcoming move it’s also become a place where I can get and store more inspiration for housewares and simple living.  It’s been fun experimenting with a new site layout, to check out my Tumblr visit www.ladyflashbackblog.tumblr tumblr_nf1mwjum8v1u3b0c9o1_1280 tumblr_nbfmu2Fh0d1t1cy7no1_1280 tumblr_mxr6qbjfBG1sbn7soo1_1280 tumblr_nb8204hQPQ1tt7478o1_1280 tumblr_neu1xwe2eY1spaimdo1_1280 tumblr_n97wlvpfTq1qcksazo1_1280 tumblr_nf1mwjum8v1u3b0c9o1_1280 tumblr_neu1xwe2eY1spaimdo1_1280

For the photo sources, visit my Tumblr.


Last week I attended the grand opening of Avalon– a new shopping, living and entertainment development in Alpharetta.  It started with a media breakfast provided by Goldbergs Fine Foods, followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony and then a private tour of the West Elm.  I met up with several bloggers and we got a run down of the store and merchandise by the West Elm public relations director Nicole.  She was incredibly nice and led us around to each section as we talked about new collaborations with organizations such as FEED, holiday collections and the really cool ‘made by locals’ section.  I respect that West Elm supports local talent.  I especially find it great that they feature talented ladies I know personally like Native Bear and Honeycomb Studios!

We walked around Instagramming and snapping away.  Let me tell you, this place is GORGEOUS!  Here are some of favorite corners and merchandise from the tour-
15090448464_5dd38aeefe_k15525196467_a9dfb5ad80_k15711951362_1ab61fdd62_k15525542750_1830fe8b86_k15090447314_9589606cc3_k15711890892_7d78708d0a_k (1)15708476561_fbf27cf3f8_k15525198317_c23bdbf31c_k15711954852_e7213060f9_k
L2R— Lauren of Fashionably Lo, Ashley of Turquoise and Teale, Me, Tiffany of Tiffany Style Blog, Allison of Jezebel Magazine and Anna of In Honor of Design.

Thank you West Elm for the hospitality! We’ll be seeing each other again real soon!
Avalon is located at 2200 Avalon Blvd, Alpharetta, GA 30009

Next up—my tour of the new Free People!


A girl friend of mine is temporarily living at a gorgeous estate I couldn’t help but share. The beautiful European inspired home is located in Buckhead (aka Atlanta) on a good bit of land with lush vegetation and landscaping. I’ve always been somewhat intimated by interior photography since it’s banking on good natural light and many other factors so while I was hanging out “helping” Courtney with dinner I walked around and snapped some photos of the gorgeous interiors for extra practice.  I liked a majority of the photos I took and they required little editing which is always nice.

The home owner nailed the decor from herringbone wood floors to over-sized accents, this place is a dream space, take a look—

This home is really big so this is just the tip of the fancy iceberg plus like I said I wasn’t there to be doing a photoshoot so I didn’t want to take too much time in between chatting with Courtney and slicing veges.

I’ve been over many times and each walk through of the house is like a new experience! Have a good weekend!


insta-faves 02I was pleased with how the other INSTA-FAVES post turned out so thought I’d make it a thing here on LF. I’ll post when I have four images saved to my phone of similar aesthetic.  Just like the other post, here, I’ll share the image source and what you can expect to see if you follow the account.  This entry’s theme is food/kitchen!

Here you will find beautiful flower arrangements, table settings and events.  Love me some well organized ariel photos and how cute are those daisies!?

photo 2 (2)@anthropologie
(this photo promoting event with @masonshaker)
Here you will find not only pretty clothes from their web store and catalog but also event coverage and inspiring home decor.  After seeing this photo I immediately checked out the Mason Shaker site and added their products to my wet bar wishlist-good stuff!

photo (1)@localmilk
Here you will find stunning food photography, blog updates, home decor inspiration, Beth’s travel photos and more!  I know you’re wondering about that moon mug so I’ll spare you the research, it’s by Small Spells.

photo 1 (2)@folkmagazine (they regrammed this from @iampatrickchin)
Here you will find all things authentic from a photographers moment, food, families, decor and lots more all capturing America in it’s finest.  This is a blueberry lavender pie, I repeat. BLUEBERRY LAVENDER!

Hope you enjoyed! Soft launch of our website is coming tomorrow, can’t tell you yet but it’s going to be a goodie and I’ll definitely share soon!