A girl friend of mine is temporarily living at a gorgeous estate I couldn’t help but share. The beautiful European inspired home is located in Buckhead (aka Atlanta) on a good bit of land with lush vegetation and landscaping. I’ve always been somewhat intimated by interior photography since it’s banking on good natural light and many other factors so while I was hanging out “helping” Courtney with dinner I walked around and snapped some photos of the gorgeous interiors for extra practice.  I liked a majority of the photos I took and they required little editing which is always nice.

The home owner nailed the decor from herringbone wood floors to over-sized accents, this place is a dream space, take a look—

This home is really big so this is just the tip of the fancy iceberg plus like I said I wasn’t there to be doing a photoshoot so I didn’t want to take too much time in between chatting with Courtney and slicing veges.

I’ve been over many times and each walk through of the house is like a new experience! Have a good weekend!

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