today marks my 27th year of being on planet earth! 
celebrated early on Friday evening at Trader Vic’s Tiki Bar in the Hilton hotel in Downtown. with my mom and her Bama friend in tow, Ryan and I met up with a group of friends for sugary island drinks while wearing Hawaiian themed outfits!
vintage “made in Hawaii” dress c/o EBV
yes, that’s a corsage!
picked up the phone to pretend dial for a “neat photo” and for some UNKNOWN reason started to dial 911. perhaps the child in me took over my adult senses, but luckily I realized what I was doing and punched several non-emergency numbers. thinking we would have been escorted out much quicker than when they really asked us to leave, which was after they had closed up shop at midnight!
since Ryan had surprised me with a corsage made of orchids and had a matching boutonniere for himself, we decided it was appropriate to slow dance in the middle of everyone–the catch was that there wasn’t any music!
this night, as you might imagine, was awesome! 
thanks to my buddy Darius for snapping these rad photos-one could learn a thing or two from his lighting usage.  Friday night was only the start of the weekend celebrations as the next day Ryan and I drove to Hilton Head for his sister’s collegiate golf tournament and a mini vacay. Saturday was mostly driving and settling into the condo, but also included a lovely birthday dinner with his folks at an authentic Italian restaurant where I was served sorbet in an ice sculpture!
Sunday was forecasted for crap weather, but it actually ended up being beautiful, so we rented beach cruisers and shredded some sand and waves! like any good day at the beach, Coronas were involved as well as sunscreen and pool times. 
thanks to my mom, friends, and boyfriend I can’t boast about this birthday enough! for the real birthday dinner we are going to The Lawrence in Midtown, after that it’s exercising time because next stop: HAWAII!

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