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wishing you a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR!

the NYE Soiree in the Stars event at The Highland Inn Ballroom went better than anyone could have hoped!  the place was packed with well-dressed 20-somethings all VERY excited to ring in 2013!

above you can see my co-host//lovely roommate and i are posing in our very own and my first photobooth! btw we completely DIY’d it.  we rented the equipment, bought a remote (which I needed anyways for blogging, yay!), and then hung up sparkly things.  after sifting through nearly 600 photos I ended up posting something like 415 on my LF Facebook page! sadly, I was too busy prior to and during the event to remember to take shots of all the DIY’d decor Chelsea and I made, but I managed to take a few snaps the day after.  here are highlights from the night.  see the full set on www.facebook.com/ladyflashback
HNYE nye_silver_foxxx nye_first
dress by Kensie, earrings Rachel Roy, small hat via Party City, hair by Stephanie Stanford
Ryan wears tweed suit by ASOS, floral shirt by Perry Ellis, and bowtie by Penguin
nye_4 nye_2 space YEAR
aside from Chelsea running the Ballroom Events office, she is also an accomplished artist. she free-handed these letters and covered them with glass glitter.  plus, she also made the wall stars and cut out the planets.  we were both extremely pleased with how the decor came together, SOOOOOO MANY STARS!
nye_1 seeingSTARZ
we bought different shades and patterns of white and cream fabrics and cut them into strips, then tied them onto cotton rope, and viola! DIY’d FRINGE! thanks to Jessica and Mallory for assisting in that project!
aaaaand just for fun thought I’d share one of the funniest photos from the night.  this is silly and ridiculous, but I’m fairly certain someone was egging me on…..cough cough….ELIZABETH!

it’s post-New Years Eve party planning, and I’m in full-blown-show-mode at the Mart.  cue one of the biggest Gift Shows at Americasmart. ++CUE ANXIETY.

wish me luck and again, Happy 2013!

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