Wine on the Beltline

last weekend a buddy of ours invited us over to check out his airplane hangar turned junk shop turned new loft/event space in Old 4th Ward. we hung out in the back and watched folks & their dogs stroll by on the Beltline while we enjoyed some vino. Ryan and I only sorta coordinated our matching blue and white polka dots. ;)
Ryan wears-Jcrew button down, H&M polka dot suspenders, and Peoples Market jacket
tattoos and light layers
(don’t be fooled, I’m mildly freezing here!) 
wearing-LOFT tee, UO Skirt, AA socks, vintage boots and Zatchels bag 

sadly, over the years, I’ve realized I’m unable to drink red wine due to stomach problems, and out of all the whites I’ve realized said problematic tummy really only likes chardonnays. this is actually not all that bad considering all of the common characteristics chards can carry. the body can be light and fruity to  complex and buttery. also considering possible tasting notes like figs, honey, peaches, melons, hazelnuts, as well as herbs and spices; who could possibly get bored? not to mention its versatile and can be paired with most meals. having a boyfriend who has been raised to appreciate good wine has taught me a thing or two which also has me passing on Kroger’s on sale selection! he has been giving me tips on how to drink it properly in order to pick up different smells and tastes as well as sharing how the different regions and temperatures add to the complexity of chardonnay’s many varieties. no complaints here!
though I cannot wait for Spring, it was nice to see the sunset and full moon from ground level through the trees.

next few days consist of a double date Alt-J concert and a ladies only clothing swap at Young Blood Boutique + Mint Gallery.

if you are an Atlanta local and want to join, visit the Facebook event page for more details.

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