Come on y’all, it’s time for a Wildwood Revival fest photo recap~

With heat even Satan himself would sweat in and cold drinks in tow, we did our first Wildwood real good.

From the city of Atlanta, drive about 2 hours East until you get to a small town outside of Athens called Arnoldsville. Traveling mostly on two land roads through towns with nothing but a stop sign, you’ll be led to a gorgeous antebellum home on a beautiful Southern property.

We arrived at peak heat o’clock, so we just threw our stuff down, claimed a spot, and headed into the fest to find friends and lunch.

Aside from Deep Eddy’s vodka drinks, another way to keep cool was ALL THE WATERMELON~




The Quaker City Night Hawks | Dang good time!

I would say we did part music (read: mostly hanging, but still hearing the music). It was def a “first time attending this festival”. I knew so little of the acts, but I knew the vibes were going to be on point, so who cares if you know the lyrics or not?! Though, I did appreciate QCNH’s lyrics of a particular song, which was all about food and included something about a taco – now that’s music to my ears!

Dance floor cowboy cutie ~

Along with hanging around the property and campsite, we did a lot of perusing the vendor booths. The vendor lineup was also really fantastic!

Indie South from Athens. They had everything from vintage clothing to wall hangings to American flags.

If only that Led Zeppelin shirt wasn’t already SOLD! I would so own that thing right now :( Gun Street Goods Vintage had lots of great pieces! (but that top is the one thing I really really wanted!)

Indie South mending up a festival goers t-shirt

Gun Street Goods | Nashville, TN

Electric Revival, run by ladies from ATL!


Wildwood Revival | Arnoldsville, GA

award for ‘best dressed man’ goes to

Took *A LOT* of will power to not bring one of these vintage rugs home, especially because she had great prices!

In addition to all the other attractions at the fest, there’s also a mini orchard on the property! Popped over to check out all the different grape varieties and pretended to know things :P

Brixton hat, Raybans, American Apparel top, Free People skirt, Littlest Moon necklace, Juliana Barton earrings

Maggie’s handmade flag and my hunk chilling in-between sets inside of the mini camp grounds they set up Friday night~complete with a vintage cot, fold out table and good ole camping chairs. We could learn a lesson or two from their festival’n skills!

Dustin wore the UO shirt I bought for his bday a few years back and had Steve Irvin vibe <3 Not sure if that’s why it took him that long to wear it or what, but I liked! Oh and it’s our ongoing game to come up with who he looks like with either his different stage of head hair, facial hair or outfit combo…he’s been everyone from “aliens!” guy to Ned Flanders ~ haha!

After sweating through outfit one, I changed into my dance party dress~

Brixton hat, Rayban shades, Free People dress, Juliana Barton earrings

As an attendee if you’re not feeling a traditional tent, you can splurge for their “glamping” experience. I’m fine with a tent, though I would LOVE one we could stand up in…getting changed on a floor is difficult for this 5’9″ lady!

Dance and party partner of the weekend, Miss Maggie Blair Boyd.

Wildwood Revival | Arnoldsville, GA

When you love an outtake most of all~

Since we only made it for Saturday, we missed the one band I knew, Shaky Graves, who surprisingly played Friday night. But we did get introduced into some really great acts like the Quaker City Night Hawks and The Wild Reeds, so I’m really happy we got to make it out!  We did get in one helluva dance party as well as an after party around the camp site – things every great festival should include!

Have been watching this festival from the start wanting to hit it up, thanks Wildwood Revival for having us!

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    Laura Rees
    October 7, 2017 at 8:38 pm

    Great post and lovely pictures – it looks like you really captured the spirit of the festival

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