Remember this post where I mentioned I’d be helping with the Wigwam Wellness Festival Series? Well, I’ve been in full swing since March!  The first date was April 12th and I attended the fest as a guest to get acquainted and have my own Wigwam experience, it was awesome and it made me so proud to be involved! This past weekend I attended as the photographer and though the first half was during a torrential downpour, the ladies behind the logistics pulled it off without a hitch,and that day was awesome as well!  Along with photographing, I’ve been running the Instagram account, which is really fun because it involves spicing up photos with boho graphics using the Rainbow Love App and A Beautiful Mess.

I compiled my favorite photos from 4/19 that will give you an idea of what the Wigwam Experience is all about.


Each morning starts with a welcome ceremony that consists of a variety of music, motivation, meditation, huzzahs and a gong! Then everyone goes off to their first experience. Followed by a 15 minute break then onto the next experience.

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Each festival date has vendors that sell goods during the day. To name a few there has been -organic makeup, oils, camping gear, yoga mats, soy candles and cold pressed juices!

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The Chattahoochee Nature Center is something in and of itself a magical place. It’s really the perfect spot for a yoga and wellness retreat with it’s 127 acres of beautiful trees, flowers, lakes, preservation areas, bird exhibits, butterfly gardens…the list goes on!

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The lineup includes classes for all levels and the instructors are really sweet and help the beginners and also give the experienced yogis a chance to push themselves.

Photographing this event is a different pace for me.  I’m used to event photography, but adding fitness and lots of movement makes it a really fun challenge! I’m looking forward to this Sunday’s experience, especially since the sun is supposed to make an appearance. Check out the line up for 4/26 and 5/3 and come out and join us!

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