*Weekend Splender*

Dress: Ebay steal.
Belt: Raulph Lauren (thrift find)
The weekend is o.v.e.r. which means its cram-time (Tests Mon, Tues, Wed !!!!)
This is my break from extensive Photoshop homework for my APR 260 class enough about academics because I must tell about this weekend….
Friday was a blast at one of the cooler bars in Tuscaloosa (Little Willies) where The Great Big No preformed with special guests John from the DISCO BISCUITS and some dude from Deacon Green. It was so much fun, afterwards, I had to kick people out of my place sometime around 4:45am. Saturday was a rude awakening with a massive hangover. I was supposed to go to the front of the stadium for ESPN Gameday (set up and broadcasting from our campus) to hold up the signs I made for my bro and mom. I didn’t make it, BUT my bro and mom were on TV and both signs made it on as well. They were vinyl signs I made at work, very professional..for the game we grilled out and drank off the keg from last weekend (Sunset Wheat..mmm). Right as the game started my ass passed out. I woke up for the end as we went into over time and lost (by 3 points) to University of Georgia. boo.
Overall goodie time.

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    Sally Jane
    September 27, 2007 at 12:39 am

    Hi! I just found your blog. It’s nice to see another ‘Bama girl with style (I’m from B’ham). Keep it up!

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