This lady right here can not get enough of all things one-piece!

Jumpers, overalls, rompers, two piece sets- gimme gimme!

Was on the search for the perfect vintage pair when I found these Levi’s on Etsy.  After some alterations, dream compete!

Sure, overalls aren’t the most comfortable or convenient but wearing them I feel like shows my playful ‘I don’t take life or myself too seriously’ vibe.

If you’re also a one-piece lover, search no more because Shopbop has a really vast selection.  Here are three of my favorites: one, two, three.  Right now through April 14th they are running a sale ~ 20% Off Orders Under $500, 25% Off Orders of $500 or More ~ See all the details here.

Do you also have a favorite piece of clothing that you feel like represents your personality? Hats and sunglasses are a few others I gravitate towards and are easily alternated when I’m feeling like switching up a vibe.

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