wake of the flood

Italian Vogue 2009
via The Fashion Spot

hello ladies,
i want to start with saying THANK YOU so much for all your comments and support of Hippie Frou Frou…your sweet words have brought many smiles to my face in hard times…been pretty bad with updates lately and was afraid you all would forget about me :(( but things have been wicked crazy in my life right now…never really gone into too many personal issues on the blog, so i’ll keep them to myself but wanted to let you all know i’ll be back in full force soon enough. for now, thought i’d share these ultra lovely scans from Italian Vogue 2009 (don’t know which month…) but aren’t they GREAT!?!? those hand-stitched shoes are sooo cool, i could totally see a couple of you doing a DIY project based on the idea :))
**hint hint

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