When my friends saw that The Homestead Atlanta needed a photographer for their Indigo Dying Workshop they recommended me for the job. Though I was pooped from filling up all my weekends with photography gigs I took it on because, well, who could resist an indigo dying class at Serenbe?! Thanks for looking friends!

The workshop took place at a spot I had never been before called the Art Farm at Serenbe which is a shipping container that’s been turned into a mini studio that has a porch that’s also connected to a house.  The whole set up is really cool!  I attended as both the photographer and participant so I got to leave with my own set of napkins and place-mats.  If you recall, I recently shared a blog post of my first time dying indigo napkins and since I had enjoyed that so much, I thought it’d be a lot of fun to give it a go once again.

The class was lead by textile and natural dye extraordinaire, Gretchen of Thrive. Here’s a glimpse into the class.



The pole wrapping technique. Simply wet the material, tightly wrap around pvc piping, wrap string around making X’s then scrunch down making sure the fabric is tight. Dip into dye then take off and rinse. Gives the below zebra stripes-like effect!




My favorite look out of all the designs made that day were the above ‘moon’ napkins. The gal who made these said she folded each napkin then used the circular plastic discs to block off the dye. I was obsessed with the result and now must try, guess third times the charm!

More information on The Homestead’s class schedule, click here.

This weekend I’ll be at Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  I’l be shooting music, fashion and all the fest shenanigans since I was approved as media! Until next weekend, follow along on my Instagram feed!

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