this is a bit out of chronological order but we shall just call it a “flashback” since it was Aug 22nd when I went out to dinner and art gallery hopping with some friends. documented mine and Elizabeth’s outfits along with a few snaps around the galleries in the West Side area and Poncey Highlands.
newest accessory: THE UMBRELLA.
always raining so why not have a cute one, this one is via Target!
Free People top and necklace, LOFT pants, RagORama boots and purse (vintage), Target umbrella, BCBG bracelet
American Apparel maxi, thrifted vest, TOMS+Serpentine edges 
after dining at Ormsby’s we headed to Kai Lin gallery to pop in and say hi to Jonny “Double Wolf” Warren and other artists hanging out drinking and doodling.
(above) Jonny Warren + his tools
Sam Parker + Molly chatting and doodling
after Kai Lin we went to BEEP BEEP to view my roommate Chelsea Raflo’s exhibit which was showing from the beginning of August till now (show is about to come down). her and Mike Germon collaborated on a mixed show of some independent pieces along with a joint-effort mural in the back.
cut out stills from one of her stop motion videos
really need to watch her create each frame, one by one, and then to see it all come together and MOVE inside a video box she crafted by hand as well-so proud!
recognize the tiny person above wearing the ASOS Alice in Wonderland style dress? IT’S ELIZABETH from the above pics (with a lot more hair…this was pre-pixie cut obv..)! months ago, Chelsea and Eliz did a shoot together and Chelsea cut out some frames and used the stills of Eliz for one of the videos and then reused them in the dual effort collage, hoping we get to keep some of these around the house after the show comes down!

don’t know about you all but I’m glad my labor day weekend was chill. I desperately needed to catch up on some house stuff, freelance stuff and LIFE stuff.
good luck with going back to work tomorrow!
-F L A S H Y-

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    Chelsea Raflo
    September 6, 2013 at 6:08 pm

    hey LF <3 thanks for the shoutout! and the photos! that night was so much fun...cant wait to relocate some of this stuff to our place on SUNDAY! xoxo chelsea

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    September 10, 2013 at 6:02 am

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