T is for Tuck

***I have tucked many tops the past few days and really enjoy the look, I would like to incorporate this style of feminism to my everyday attire. 

Top: Doe for UO
Belt: Gap
Skirt: Vintage

Top: H&M
Skirt: Luxe-UO
Purse/Hanky: Vintage
Shoes: Kenzie

At the very last minute I managed to get a trip planned and executed to St. Louis last weekend to go and see my brother Buck.  It was certainly a good time with lots of free activities, such as the zoo, the Anheuser Busch tour, and an apartment complex grand opening with free booze and food which was sponsored by Alive magazine.  St. Louis is a great city and I have quickly fallen in love with the buildings, shopping, and scenery.  After that trip was over it was back to reality but only for a short amount of time because of Independence Day, which means fun on the lake, good food, and more booze.  The weather for the 4th was very nice with a mid afternoon shower to cool things down, even my honey came to Ttown for the occasion.  All in all the past week and 1/2 has been superb.  

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