Sydney Eloise and her band are recording a new album that will drop this Summer on vinyl.  They are aiming to do as much of the process, including album art, in analog form.  I loved this idea and was glad to get involved and shoot some photos of Sydney in the Highlands last week.  Dustin knows the Canon AE-1 way better than I do so he came along to shoot film and I shot instant with the Instax Mini.  Here are some of the photos we snapped —




We had the 35mm film from this day developed at a local shop but went ahead and invested in a scanner to save money now and down the road.  The place in Decatur wanted to charge us a $1 per scan and something like $5 for each print, and we had 5 rolls!  Excited to see how this new equipment changes the way Dustin and I capture memories. Perhaps even more film is in the future!  Even though the art of film has faded there are still photographers putting in the effort to shoot analog, like our wedding photographers. I also really like that Dustin has made it a hobby as well!

From the archives:
Here are links to two film photography posts as well as a shoot Sydney and I did back in June.
Lomography film shot by Dustin 
35mm film shot by Dustin
Sydney at Arabia Mountain

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