welcome to the first of many SS:7’s! 
what is SS:7 you ask? simple: its 7 street style images that are inspiring to my taste or as coincidence has it have similar characteristics in my wardrobe. don’t get me wrong, I love perusing sites like Vogue that showcase designer, runway and couture looks but this just isn’t as practical to my closet as it “live” on the street. even seeing models and bloggers wearing high ticket priced items seems more real to me then seeing it in editorial shots which is why I gravitate towards photos of outfits styled and being worn on the daily. 
(none of these photos are taken by me, used for blog purposes only & found on Pinterest!)

many things in these 7 photos are currently circulating my wardrobe, ie the CAPE. a girl friend of mine-that shares my same name-gave me a cape jacket recently and I’ve already put it to good use. (outfit pictures to follow!)
next is the tomboy look, which lots of ladies are gravitating towards these days. I particularly like this look because it allows me to do my usual casual thing and still remain chic. large scarfs, ankle boots and fur collars have all been staples in my winter wear. having become better than ever at layering I’m looking forward to shedding the heavy layers and experimenting with layering in the Spring.
truth be told I’ve tried a few times since the “birth” of my blog to offer a reoccurring themed post and this time I’m going to do it, I can feel it! especially since I’m already crazily pinning and saving street style images….may as well put a habit to use!

enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to revisit come Tuesday for my cape debut!

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