Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear

For a little while now I have respected the style && personality of Agyness D//tonight when I got the urge to browse through archives of the latest Spring 2009 runways what better model to search ((??))
((all photos found on Style.com))

Anna Sui

Aggy && Sasha backstage at Anna Sui
//those boots!

Anna Sui
after searching through tons of photos I realized the designer I enjoyed most was Anna Sui, her pieces are fantastic! She looks too adorable in this picture, hats look so great on her.

House of Holland has gone green!

Anna Sui

I suppose Burberry Prorsum decided to go with outdoor chic?
I can dig it//

thought the outfit up close looked more flattering//

Love the black && grays Fendi had going on

Michael Kors//
the other day at work a lady came in wanting purple Chucks wearing glasses JUST LIKE these, Aggy brings it to a whole new level of hotness

//Marc Jacobs
Love the green/black with shimmer && that belt 
After a long long day of mostly laziness, aside from moving some more things into my place, I’m hitting the hay for there is work to be done over the next week. Including responding to many Craigslist posts about some really cool lofts, apts, && a couple tiny houses

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