After all the Gaudi sight seeing, the following day we got up early to board a bus that would take us to three stops: Girona, Pals and Costa Brava (location names are a clickable link that will take you to a Google map to visualize + maybe even DIY if you have an upcoming trip!)

First stop: GIRONA! 

After we parked our big dorky tour bus we walked across the canal to get inside the city. This is the view you’ll first see walking in *heart eyes*

After the bridge you step inside a city made of stones. Besides the pops of balcony foliage, it’s quite neutral in color. I liked the uniformity.

Behind me in that dark rock spot just before the arch, those are super original, never been fixed up or anything stones from the city dating back to something like 4,000 years!

We weren’t aware of this but were very pleasantly surprised to find out that Game of Thrones filmed many scenes here from season 6!  Any GoT fans out there that would geek out too??? We are fans of the show and recognized them as our guide pointed them out. Read more about the exact locations here.

After gushing about GoT this and that, Dustin and I set out to explore the surrounding fort ruins of the city.

Whatcha looking at D?

Ohhhhhhhh, giant agave plants!

View from the fort walls.

Free People top, Anthro overalls, Ray Bans and Madewell scarf

When walking the perimeter of the fort (that skinny walkway above a few pics) we turned the corner to find this wisteria in full bloom! Photo opp duhhh

Mini market- Girona, Spain

We packed in a lot during our hour maybe 1.5 hours away from the group but then it was time to load back up and go to the next stop: Pals.

A cactus tree!

The small medieval village was very quiet, much different than Girona which had bus after bus pulling up with mixed groups like ours and lots of Spring Breakers.

I really don’t think we saw anyone else that wasn’t with our group, it almost seemed abandoned. But then again, it was blazing with the sun so I suppose everyone was just tucked inside.  During the walk around I was doing my own thing shooting photos (read obsessing over all the cactus plants everywhere) so I don’t recall most of the information we learned (oops) but even looking around the web there’s not a ton. Old city, pretty, near Costa Brava (where a lot of folks vacation) couple of restaurants etc and apparently a local doctor took it upon himself to do the restoration as it was sitting in pretty bad shape for a long time.

Pals, Spain

After a short time we were told it was time to head back to the bus and go onward to the beach(!!!) Bye Pals!


Restaurant on the far left is where we ate. We had prawns and swordfish, it was one of the tastiest meals of the trip!

Aside from the quick moment I popped over to eat (fam ordered while I changed into bathing suit) I was soaking up every single second of being back on the Mediterranean, Spanish beer in hand, of course ;)  Even though it’s cold year round, I freaking love it’s crystal clear waters and rocky beaches so much!

Close to water, my happy place :D

Our two hours along the beach flew by so fast it was almost upsetting, then it was back on the bus to return to Barcelona.  The whole Winchester crew passed out pretty quick and suddenly we were back in town. Got cleaned up, strolled around and had a nice dinner. Dang, what a day…

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