Lets get lost, shall we?

We had the last day in Madrid to ourselves and didn’t want to follow any schedules or time frames so we simply put in Malasaña into our GPS and wandered around till it was dinner time.

Here’s our windy path via photos~

May not know what the signs say, but I spy BREAD!

Looks like my kind of vibes..

‘I love lamp!’  ~~~Dug around this antique shop and found a little matador lapel pin which immediately broke in my hand. Still wanted it so the guy let me have for free. No real language connection was formed but we got thru the convo, or I stole it. Hopefully the former!

Denim shop selling my favorite, OVERALLS. Wasn’t in the mood to try any on and now having serious regret…


Quiet side streets, not heard, us gasping with each new peachy alley we spot~

Included many photos in other posts so our exploration is cut a wee short so onto the rest of the day~

Lobby of our hotel, Hotel Francisco

All the heart eyes for Europe’s doors~outside of our hotel in downtown.

Whatcha looking at D?

OH! An Easter parade from our hotel! Hi Jesus!

After we sipped tequila and watched the above parade it was onto a flamenco show at Cardamon

If you’re not already thinking “emjoi in the wild” then we’re not on the same page~

The flamenco show was impressive! There was something like 6 performances where one person, both male and female, danced while the band and vocalists sang around the stage-who also helped with the feet stomping. We really liked the music overall! A similar song popped up on a Spotify mix recently and it took me back to this night :)

Because I couldn’t write this post without saying something….

It truly breaks my heart to be writing about Spain when they just were hit with terrorism. It really shocked Dustin and I because when talking about Europe being struck as a whole (before, during and after this trip actually), we thought for sure Spain would remain untouched. It felt so safe, we felt safe.  Just can’t believe this hate is spreading so fast and seems to be unstoppable. Been weighing on me a lot lately…

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    Maddison Walsh
    September 12, 2017 at 3:31 pm

    Madrid is fascinating combination of food, culture, music and art. Definitely worth visiting and there are also many places nearby that should be visited – do not miss Toledo!

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